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First Sight

First Sight 

First Sight is the latest collection of short stories to be checked off my constantly growing to be read list. Suzanne Rudd Hamilton is an author that I just discovered recently, and having read two of her books, I was certainly curious about this one! 

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Have you read First Sight? Come on in and let me tell you about it! 

First Sight
Carl the Sloth wanted to read First Sight with me!

About First Sight 

Love is a euphoric feeling which engulfs us. And the adrenaline of the initial spark is unparalleled making every cell tingle. But is love at first sight possible or just a myth? Can you look across a water cooler, a bar, a street or a crowded room and fireworks ignite or at least flicker? It happens. This book celebrates love at First Sight based on real stories of real people who experienced sparks, trumpets and lighting bolts to fall in love in their first meeting. 

How did you two meet? It’s one of the first things most people ask when they meet a new couple. Our belief in the magic and mystery of love is never-ending, as is our hope that it continues to thrive. But is love at first sight possible or is it just a euphoric dream that engulfs us? Can you look across a water cooler, a bar, a street or a crowded room and fireworks ignite or at least flicker? The adrenaline of the initial spark is unparalleled making every cell tingle. It happens.  

Thoughts on First Sight

First Sight is a shorter novel, at just one hundred fifty pages, so it is a pretty quick and easy read. Which I appreciate. After reading The Rise of Life on Earth, I needed what I call a palate cleanser, and First Sight was just the thing to do that for me. 

I was looking for something fun, endearing, and sweet to read. These are the stories of fictional people and how they met their partner. This made me think about my marriage to my husband and the sweet things that I love about him. 

I love stories that cause me to reflect on my own life, experiences, and even joys. 

Final Thoughts on First Sight 

After reading these stories, you will likely feel inspired to write your own story about how you met your partner and how you felt about them. I actually think that would be really fun, to hear more stories like that from you, my readers. Feel free to share yours in the comments! 

As I read more of Suzanne Rudd Hamilton’s writing, I’m really starting to enjoy it more and more with each book. I think that is neat for me as a reader. Have you ever found an author you grew to thoroughly enjoy as you read more of their writing? 


Have you read First Sight or any other writing from author Suzanne Rudd Hamilton? Are you a fan? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

About the Author 

First Sight
First Sight author Suzanne Rudd Hamilton

To my readers…

A friend once told me “Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life.”

I always wanted a mantra that I could truly believe and live every day. I spent my first career in journalism, public relations, real estate, and marketing, trying to find my bliss. But other than raising my children, I only had bouts of loving my various careers. It never lasted, but you have to make a living.

Now I’m in my second career, the search has ended. I moved from Chicago to the year-round warmth and gentle breezes of Southwest Florida. And I am doing things I have always wanted to do, just for the love of it. I am writing fictional novels, children’s books, short stories, and essays that relate and retell everyday life experiences in a fun-filled read. I am writing, directing, and acting in a series of mystery “whodunit” plays. And I am continuing my first love of singing. Now, I have a mantra.

I write to tell everyday women’s stories through fiction with heart, humor, and humanity, and all the flaws, choices, and discovery that come with their individual journey. I invite you to come along for the ride with me and meet some interesting people you may know or would like to know. It may even be you. I promise to try to make you laugh, love, and feel, and I will try not to bore you. I would be honored to be your guide. Welcome. 

First Sight
First Sight author Suzanne Rudd Hamilton

Purchasing First Sight 

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More From Suzanne Rudd Hamilton 

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First Sight
First Sight


  • Suzanne Rudd Hamilton

    Thanks for reading and reviewing. I love that these stories inspired you about your own meet cute story and hope your readers will share their stories, just like the people in First Sight shared with me. And I agree about quick reads. I write many of my books to be quick easy and fun reads between lengthy novels. Subscribed and looking forward to reading your reviews and perspective.

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