I Too Have A Soul
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I Too Have A Soul

I Too Have A Soul 

I Too Have A Soul is the latest short story to cross my path. Short stories are so much fun to read, because they can be anything. There wasn’t much online to find out about this story before I started it, but that can be part of the fun. 

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I Too Have a Soul
Carl the Sloth reading I Too Have a Soul with me

About I Too Have A Soul 

He reached there by choice or by chance? The people there didn’t seek answers, the once poverty stricken land that didn’t yield to cultivation and the people there struggling with minimal resources – the whole scenario changes with the entry of one man, Airan. Is there a reason for him to question even the existence of his very soul?! Let’s see.. 

Thoughts on I Too Have A Soul 

I love a good quality short story with my morning coffee each day, as a relaxing way to wake up and get the day moving. Today I picked I Too Have A Soul to read. 

I Too Have A Soul is a short story at just fourteen pages, but it is a fun read. 

We meet Airen, a robot human, who doesn’t eat or have any blood in his body. He is basically a solar-powered robot, using sunlight to find strength. He ends up staying in a monastery with a monk, and working with him until he’s about to die or “expire” as he calls it. 

I Too Have A Soul is certainly an interesting premise for a short story. The problem I found was that it was really hard to follow. English is obviously not Swathi Palorean’s first language, and it shows. The broken English and lack of quotes when there was dialogue really took me out of the story, and that was disappointing. 

But with being a short story, it was still an interesting and fun quick read for me this morning. 

Final Thoughts on I Too Have A Soul 

This was a good story, and with some editing, it certainly has the capability to be a great story. There is a lot of promise in Swathi Palorean’s writing, and I love to see that. 

I really hope she pursues writing more and keeps going to write more and really hone the craft. She has a bright future ahead of her with some practice. 


Have you read I Too Have A Soul from Swathi Paloran? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

About the Author 

I Too Have a Soul
I Too Have A Soul author Swathi Paloran

Swathi Paloran

The development of science has proved to be a boon for humanity. But over the years I have wondered where these are going to end, whether what we thought as boon would end up as an ultimate bane?! 

Then that thought was replaced by a new thought-“why assume the worst?! What if..what if everything turns out to be for the best! And that was the seed for this story, like it grew and blossomed in my mind. I hope it will be in all the hearts who go through this story.

From childhood on fairy tales taught us about superheros who wipes away all miseries. The lead character in this book, Airan is one who transforms the lives of the people of an entire village, making them realize it’s ok to dream, dreams might come true. 

He invokes the courage in them to dream. He was a hero for that village. This story came to my mind at a time when my mind needed something to hold on to when I was suffering from a serious health problem, MS. Like in this story Airan came to my mind giving me strength, strength to still dream.

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I Too Have a Soul
I Too Have a Soul

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