Like Only A Woman Can
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Like Only a Woman Can

Like Only a Woman Can 

Like Only a Woman Can by CJ Grant is my latest read! It is a great short story, being only 15 pages. This is a perfect read with my morning coffee instead of a newspaper. 

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If you’ve read my review of Beautiful, Complicated Family, then you know I love a great short story that will keep my attention and I can enjoy it in one sitting. Sometimes I have a short attention span, and that is exactly why I love stories like these! 

About Like Only a Woman Can 

Sometimes, brute muscle and manly power can’t get the job done. Especially, when the mark expects an assassin to come gunning for him. Sometimes, a job needs a special touch. It needs to be handled like only a woman can…

Though this story is short, it is packed with tension and just a bit of sexy. Read to find out how she gets the job done. 

Thoughts on Like Only a Woman Can 

One of the best things about short stories is there is nothing to hide behind. It is either great, or it is terrible, and there’s nothing in the middle. Because there is no room for error in a short story. The author has to make every single word count. 

CJ Grant is an author who knows how to make every word of the short story Like Only a Woman Can count. 

“I need you on this. The guys I’ve sent… they’ve failed. He’s seen them coming a mile away. This job needs a woman’s touch.” 

Like Only a Woman Can, CJ Grant

When a short story is good, it leaves the reader wanting more. Like there could be a full-blown novel based on this short story. But that is the beauty of short stories too. They make the point and aren’t drawn out to be too long. 

Like Only a Woman Can is one that captured my attention from the beginning and held it all the way through until the end. As I said earlier, it can be read over a morning cup of coffee in place of a newspaper article, and be a far more pleasurable read. 

Like Only a Woman Can
Carl the Sloth reading Like Only a Woman Can with me

Women Role Models 

This story is neat because it doesn’t depict the female as a boring piece of eye candy in a spy assassin story, who desperately lacks a brain. This is so often the case in stories like this, where the female needs a male to step in and step up. 

This is a strong female role, where the hero is very self-assured. She has drive, ambition, and determination. The job gets done, no matter what. I personally think if every woman approached a job or their business like this, they would be unstoppable, and that’s what makes this story great to me. 

Final Thoughts 

I’m not going to tell you about the story itself, because I can’t do it justice in this review. But I will tell you that you should give it a read! I loved it on so many levels, and I think you will enjoy it just as much as I did. 

This was the first work by CJ Grant that I had read, and if her other work is anywhere near this good, it will not be the last I read from her. 


Have you read Like Only a Woman Can? Are you a fan of short stories? Tell me about it in the comments! 

About the Author 

After a career that included writing for technical manuals and marketing pieces, CJ Grant turned her attention to fiction. She loves the freedom to write anything she wants and is fascinated with good people who do bad and bad people who do good.

CJ lives in south central Pennsylvania and runs a literary writing group at the high school where she works and enjoys participating in community arts events.

Like Only a Woman Can
Like Only a Woman Can

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Like Only a Woman Can
Like Only a Woman Can


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