Sad Sally Salad
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Sad Sally Salad

Sad Sally Salad

Sad Sally Salad is my latest read, and I picked it for the fact it is a short story. Short stories are my new favorites! The title also caught my attention. Sad Sally Salad. Say that three times fast! 

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Have you read Sad Sally Salad yet? Come on in and let me tell you about it!

About Sad Sally Salad

Sally learned to talk to animals as a little girl, and her daddy didn’t like it. 

Raised by an old hippie woman on the beaches of Baja, California, Sally was taught to use her sensitivity of animals to bring people back to the Mother. Her presence —a calm and haunted, powerful intensity—attracts the attention of environmental groups eager to war against cattle ranchers. With Sally as the face of their cause, thousands gather in an animal cruelty protest that turns deadly. 

Sad Sally Salad
Sad Sally Salad

Thoughts on Sad Sally Salad

I absolutely loved the opening line of Sad Sally Salad. It definitely caught my attention and made me want to keep reading to see what that was all about. 

“The day Sally’s daddy made her commit murder, she ran away.” 

Sad Sally Salad

I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting into when I picked up this book, even reading the title and description. Somehow I envisioned an adult version of Charlotte’s Web or something like that. Sad Sally Salad was a lot more than that though, and nothing like I was expecting. 

Sad Sally Salad is a short story

Sad Sally Salad is a short story, being just 53 pages. This makes it perfect for anyone with little time for reading, or a short attention span. More than that though, I appreciate that an author has to really bring their points home in such a short story. 


There is also the inner battle between the cattle rancher and his son. This unexpected conflicting view and dynamic was not expected, but certainly fit into the story, and made perfect sense. This reminded me of conflicting family relationships I’ve had in the past and had to say goodbye to. 

This was a story that made me think about both sides of the issue of meat and raising cattle. I have a great friend who is vegan, and I am quite the opposite. It also reminded me of a protest we had in my state between cattle ranchers and the Bureau of Land Management over grazing rights and taxes. 

I appreciate when a story, though fictional, gets me thinking about much deeper aspects related to the book that have occurred in the world around me. 

Final Thoughts on Sad Sally Salad

I can’t do this book justice in a review and description. It is something that I recommend you read yourself though. Because it is a short story, it is perfect to read in the hour before bed, or over coffee in the morning. Sad Sally Salad is a great reason to put your phone down and just enjoy an interesting short story that will keep you on your toes and make you think! 


Have you read Sad Sally Salad, or any other of Chris Roy’s books? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Find more of my book reviews here.

About the Author

Sad Sally Salad
Sad Sally Salad author Chris Roy

Chris Roy is the author of Shocking Circumstances, Sharp as a Razor, and Her Name Is Mercie. He is a published tattoo artist (Rise Tattoo Magazine, ATC Tattoo Books app) and the illustrator of two children’s books. Born and bred in South Mississippi, when he isn’t writing, he’s reading, tattooing or looking for prospects to train in boxing.

Interesting History 

It is interesting to note that Chris Roy is currently serving a life sentence in a Mississippi prison for murder. I was surprised to find this out after reading the book, when there was a note about this and his website

The funny thing is that if he hadn’t made those past mistakes, I strongly doubt any of us would be sitting here now and reading his writing. Here is an interview with Chris Roy that I found online when doing a search out of curiosity. 

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Sad Sally Salad
Sad Sally Salad


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