The Dead Won't Tell

The Dead Won’t Tell

The Dead Won’t Tell 

The Dead Won’t Tell is the latest novel to be checked off my always growing to be read list. This would be the debut novel from author S. K. Waters. I always think there is something special about any author’s debut novel, and I went into this one with high expectations and excitement to get it started. 

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Have you read The Dead Won’t Tell? Come on in and let me tell you about it! 

About The Dead Won’t Tell 

What lies in the past should not be uncovered. 

When Abbie Adams, a historian-turned-journalist, is hired to investigate a cold-case murder from 1969, she jumps at the chance. But soon after she begins researching the case, she realizes that Frank Wexler, the faculty advisor who tanked her thesis and a member of a powerful family in town, is connected to the crime and is definitely not talking.

As Abbie tracks down the remaining living witnesses, she slowly pieces together the events of that fateful night, and yet is not a single step closer to solving the case. Were the police back then told to stand down? To cover up the crime?

When her witnesses suddenly wind up dead, it becomes clear that Abbie has stumbled upon a sensitive truth that threatens to tear the fabric of the southern town apart. The killer could still be out there, and now he could be hunting her. 

Thoughts on The Dead Won’t Tell 

I loved the title, The Dead Won’t Tell, because it alludes to a serious mystery that is worth killing for. In a small idyllic town where everyone knows everyone, that makes sense. 

“Meet Rosalie DuFrayne. Murdered the night the astronauts came home from the moon.” 

S. K. Waters, The Dead Won’t Tell

There is always more that happens behind closed doors than what meets the eye. People have secrets to potent, because it usually means protecting their money or reputation. 

My favorite part about this story is that it wasn’t outlandish. I recently read one where the twists and turns were so far-fetched, it was just stupid. This one, although a bit predictable, still made sense, and I appreciated that S. K. Waters wasn’t aiming for shock value with the plot of the novel. I think too many authors are taking that route these days to be new and inventive, and it falls flat with me. 

I often found myself rooting for Abbie to find the secrets and reveal them, for things to work out for her personally, and so much more. I’m not going to spoil it for you, but I definitely wanted to see Abbie succeed with everything she had going on within the book. She was a very likable character. 

The Dead Won't Tell
The Dead Won’t Tell

Final Thoughts on The Dead Won’t Tell 

The Dead Won’t Tell is the perfect summer mystery read to enjoy if you want a fun mystery. I found myself sucked in immediately to the story and it kept me reading straight through. 

S. K. Waters did a wonderful job with her debut novel. It captured my attention, kept me reading all the way through, and I found myself rooting for Abbie to find the killer. For being S. K. Water’s debut novel, I can easily say that she has a very bright future in writing ahead of her, and I look forward to reading more of her novels in the future. 


Have you read The Dead Won’t Tell from author S. K. Waters? Are you a fan? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

About the Author 

The Dead Won't Tell
The Dead Won’t Tell author S. K. Waters

S. K. Waters grew up in New Jersey and still misses it. In previous lives, she was a technical writer, a database administrator, and a championship quilter. She writes mystery, fantasy, and a little in-between. When she’s not reading, writing, following up on clues, or searching the skies for dragons, S. K. works as a small business consultant. She’s also addicted to creating dioramas of her favorite scenes from some of her favorite books. 

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The Dead Won't Tell
The Dead Won’t Tell

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