The Immortality Serum
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The Immortality Serum

The Immortality Serum 

The Immortality Serum is the latest novel from author Ann Marie Ruby to be checked off my to be read list. This is her twenty-first published book, and the eighteenth that I’ve read. If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know what a fan I am, and why Ann Marie Ruby is a repeat author in my blog. 

Needless to say, I was excited when The Immortality Serum, the 7th book in the Kasteel Vrederic, was released. This has been such an interesting series that drew me in and I’ve loved every moment of it. 

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Dear Beloved, 

Today, we had another day of learning from the dead and from the past. I am blessed we were both blessed by the spirits of Kasteel Vrederic. As we learned, from our forefathers, it was nice to have you by my side. As we learned the sacrifices of Kees van Vrederic and his twin flame had given us a chance to even exist. I would like this poetry to remind all, don’t fear the dead as once upon a time they too were standing next to you as the living. Maybe ask them why they are trying to communicate. 

~Andries van Phillip~ 

Ann Marie Ruby, The Immortality Serum

Have you read The Immortality Serum yet? Come on in and let me tell you about it! 

The Immortality Serum
The Immortality Serum

About The Immortality Serum 

Fire behind the Newhouse Castle has burned down everything except a woman in red. She calls upon her twin flame to get out from the burning building. If she only knew it was not he but she who is buried within the burnt ashes.

Find out how a twenty-first-century pianist, Andries van Phillip, calls upon his seventeenth-century buried bride, Tara Bella, to awaken from within her glass coffin.

The Kasteel Vrederic family members now travel from the Netherlands to Malibu, California, to find their son’s buried bride and come face-to-face with Succubus the demoness. They try to find the immortality serum to save not only Tara Bella but themselves as they solve another paranormal romance, murder mystery, family drama in The Immortality Serum: Vows From The Beyond.

The Immortality Serum
The Immortality Serum

Thoughts on The Immortality Serum 

“Kasteel Vredric, my family home, welcomed us back within her chest. It was strange but I actually felt like picking her up and hiding her in my chest. I was so homesick. I never realized how much I love my ancestral home.” 

Ann Marie Ruby, The Immortality Serum

One of the things that I’ve always enjoyed about Ann Marie Ruby’s books is that I can pick them up at any time and find exactly what I need at that moment. Sometimes it is to go and visit Kasteel Vrederic and live in that world for a little while, or sometimes it is to find comfort and inspiration in her other books when I’m not quite feeling myself. 

In this case, it was to read my first full novel after having Covid and taking almost a month to fully recover. Taking a trip through this book to visit Kasteel Vrederic was the most perfect way to jump back into reading for me. I find a lot of comfort in reading books from my favorite authors, and that was absolutely necessary for me. Her books always find me at exactly the right time. I’ve never actually picked any of her books to read. They pick me, and I am able to find exactly what I need. 

“I watched my family members get ready for our trip to Malibu. I knew it was something we would do as a family. In the Kasteel Vrederic family, we stand with one another through life and through death. In union, we would solve another mystery where a dead woman dressed in red had been calling me to save her. I knew I would save her because somehow my heart knew she is my twin flame, dead or alive.” 

Ann Marie Ruby, The Immortality Serum

The Immortality Serum is the seventh book in the Kasteel Vrederic paranormal romance series. I know I’ve said this before, but opening any book in this series feels very similar to opening a photo album and taking a stroll down memory lane. Because the characters are both memorable, and since following the series, familiar as well. It feels comforting to be able to visit the family again from within another amazing book, similar to making a favorite family recipe you’ve loved for many years.

If you haven’t given this series a try, you really should! It is outside the normal of Ann Marie’s usual books (or I thought so when I originally started reading it), yet it is still unmistakably her writing. 

The Immortality Serum
The Immortality Serum

Final Thoughts on The Immortality Serum 

Miracles are not questioned for they only appear to the believers. If you have not witnessed any miracles, it is because you don’t believe.” 

Ann Marie Ruby, The Immortality Serum

I have thoroughly enjoyed The Immortality Serum, as I’ve enjoyed the entire series, and I’m now hoping there will be another book in the near future. Because Ann Marie has an amazing talent for taking her readers on a journey through books.

You won’t want to miss reading The Immortality Serum, or any of the other books in the Kasteel Vrederic series. 


Have you read The Immortality Serum or any other writing from Ann Marie Ruby? Are you a fan? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

About the Author 

Ann Marie Ruby is an international number-one bestselling author of twenty-one books. Alongside being a full time author, she is also a blogger. 

Ann Marie is an American who was born into a diplomatic family traveling the globe and grew up in Brisbane, Australia as her father was a student at The University of Queensland. 

She lived in the Washington DC area, but later settled in Seattle, Washington where she currently resides. In her spare time, when not writing books, she loves to meditate, pray, listen to music, cook, and write blogs.

Her books have also placed on top 100 bestselling charts in various countries including the Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany.

She revealed why many of her books revolve around the Netherlands, sharing that as a dream psychic, she had seen the historical past of the country in her dreams and was later able to place a name to the country. 

This is described in detail in Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby and The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams where she also wrote about her plans to eventually move to the Netherlands. Her Kasteel Vrederic book series is also based in the Netherlands.

Ann Marie is acclaimed globally as one of the top voices in the spiritual space, however, she is recognized for her writing abilities published across many genres namely spirituality, lifestyle, inspirational quotations, poetry, fiction, romance, history, travel, social awareness, and more. Her writing style is hailed by critics and readers alike as making readers feel as though they have made a friend.

The Immortality Serum
Ann Marie Ruby, author of The Immortality Serum

Purchasing The Immortality Serum 

If you are interested in buying the paperback version of The Immortality Serum, click here.

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The Immortality Serum
The Immortality Serum

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