Dead but Not Gone in Tennessee
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Dead but Not Gone in Tennessee

Dead but Not Gone in Tennessee 

Dead but Not Gone in Tennessee is the latest short story to cross my path, and it was a lot of fun to read. This is the first I’ve read from author Sherri Granato, but I’m interested to see what else she writes about now. 

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Have you read Dead but Not Gone in Tennessee? Come on in and let me tell you about it! 

About Dead but Not Gone in Tennessee 

Country music, Graceland, the Grand Ole Opry, tobacco fields, and fabulous down-home southern food aren’t the only things that Tennessee is famous for. They also have a deep rich history of possessing some of the most spine tingling haunted mansions, plantations, historical buildings, and highways in the south. Jonesborough, Tennessee is the oldest town in the state and one of the top ten most haunted towns in the United States. 

When staying in the Delta Queen’s room 109, passengers have claimed to have been woke up by someone whispering in their ear. One very active ghost is known to slam doors to get the attention of crew members when they try to ignore her requests. Crew members sometimes receive calls in the middle of the night that come from cabin 109.  

Thoughts on Dead but Not Gone in Tennessee 

This was an interesting read, because the about section really didn’t make much sense as a cohesive description. It took reading the entire story to get it. 

This simple short story is a mere fourteen pages long, and I knew I wasn’t investing much time into something if it was terrible. The widely varied reviews on it also made me really curious, and I knew I had to give it a read. 

Dead but Not Gone in Tennessee is a story, although it reads more like a travel guide, of haunted places in Tennessee. It includes addresses of all the places Sherri features in this story, so you can certainly go and visit them yourself, if you are interested. 

I knew about all of the places mentioned, although not as much of the history of them or the haunted experiences people had, and learning about it made this such a fun read for me. 

Final Thoughts on Dead but Not Gone in Tennessee 

If you enjoy history, travel, or have a fascination with the paranormal, Dead but Not Gone in Tennessee will be a really enjoyable quick read for you. 

Dead but Not Gone in Tennessee will take fifteen to twenty minutes to read. It took me a few minutes longer, simply because I was fascinated by the history of it, and actively took my time to enjoy it at a slower pace. But it is an excellent read with the morning coffee or right before going to sleep. 

If you are looking for a fictional story, this would not be the story for you. I have a feeling that is what many of the negative reviewers were expecting, and didn’t appreciate the fact that isn’t what this was about. But that is simply speculation. 


Have you read Dead but Not Gone in Tennessee or any other writing from Sherri Granato? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

About the Author 

Dead but Not Gone in Tennessee
Dead but Not Gone in Tennessee author Sherri Granato

Sherri, her husband, John and their three daughters have traveled the United States extensively in search of haunted venues. Their goal is to seek out those rare locations that exhibit the combination of history and unexplained circumstances that draw people in. Sherri and her family live in south western, Pennsylvania.

No stranger to ghosts and their activity, Sherri writes about true paranormal experiences that she and her family and friends have dealt with in person. Sherri’s books include detailed accounts from various states and countries where the spirits appear to be stuck in Shadowland, waiting for the much-needed help from the living to move on to the peace that they deserve. 

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