Miss Havisham Says Yes
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Miss Havisham Says Yes

Miss Havisham Says Yes 

Miss Havisham Says Yes is the latest short story to be checked off my to be read list. To be honest, after the disaster that the last short story I read turned out to be, I didn’t have high hopes going into this one, because I’ve never read anything Eule Grey has written. 

I was afraid, but it was a needless fear. This was such an amazing short story! 

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Have you read Miss Havisham Says Yes yet? Come on in and let me tell you about it! 

About Miss Havisham Says Yes 

Kind-hearted redhead Cindi has a lot on her mind: Gran, college exams, bills, and what to wear at the Valentine’s Day student ball. She needs a Cinderella dress, glittery shoes, and a girlfriend to cuddle up with. What a pity fairy tales are only for kids. Aren’t they? All is not lost. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and the sweetest magic is in the air … Cindi takes a tumble while mopping the floor and bangs her head. She opens her dizzy eyes to the gift of one magical wish. What will it be?

Tara, the climber. Childhood friend and daughter of Cindi’s employers. Wealthy, lithe, sexy, and thoughtful. Tara’s wish? To climb Mount Everest and to spend time with gorgeous Cindi. She’d love to take her best friend on a date to the college ball — and then go all the way from blushing student to confident girlfriend, from shy Cinderella to dancing queen. Pumpkin to … moped.

When two wishes collide, a spark is ignited, powerful enough to tickle anyone’s peak. When everything is laid bare, only one sparkling question remains: Will Miss Havisham say yes? 

Thoughts on Miss Havisham Says Yes 

I’ve read a number of short stories in my reading journey, and it takes a serious talent to write them. It isn’t something just anyone can do. Because every single word counts, and every sentence needs to make an impact. There is absolutely no room for filler and fluff. It is a pretty serious exercise in focus and being clear, concise, and creating a cohesive story in a very short amount of time. 

I will be the first to admit that I was not expecting half of what I got out of this story, and I mean that in the best way possible. The messages within it are simply amazing and things so many women can relate to! I felt a wide range of emotions, from laughing, to cheering on the main characters and their blossoming relationship, to loving Miss Havisham’s cheerful and sweet personality, to relating to not having much money and a negative view of my body, as well as understanding and coming to terms with my own sexuality. 

It felt empowering to read a love story about two women. Because I identify as being bisexual, and have an amazing woman I call my wife, as well as my husband. When you read Eule’s bio below, she talks about not fitting into one single box in terms of her writing, I can absolutely identify with that. Because I don’t necessarily fit into any kind of box in any aspect of my life. So I have huge respect for others who don’t either and have the courage to embrace that. 

My favorite theme within this story is that we all come in different shapes, sizes, styles, and backgrounds, and we are all absolutely worthy of love. Which is something I think we all need to hear more of in life! 

Miss Havisham Says Yes
Carl the Sloth reading Miss Havisham Says Yes with me

Final Thoughts on Miss Havisham Says Yes 

I loved this story, and I am so glad that I took a chance reading an author I had never heard of before. This may have been the first story from Eule Grey that I’ve read, but trust me when I say that it will not be the last! I now want to sit down and binge read everything she has ever written. 

I highly recommend you give this amazing short story a read and see for yourself just how wonderful it is. You will not be disappointed! 


Have you read Miss Havisham Says Yes or any other writing from author Eule Grey? Are you a fan? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

About the Author 

Miss Havisham Says Yes
Eule Grey, author of Miss Havisham Says Yes

Eule Grey, author, has traveled all over and settled, for now, in the UK. Her mind, however, is often in the clouds or away with the fairies. Some might call her fey. Eule loves books, pets, and happy endings. Adversely, she also enjoys reading a creepy horror story, though she isn’t very brave.

Best of all, Eule adores creating cuddly, sparkling romances. She also writes all kinds of other queer stories and refuses to be squeezed into only one genre—she just isn’t tidy enough! 

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Miss Havisham Says Yes
Miss Havisham Says Yes

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