The Casket Salesman
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The Casket Salesman

The Casket Salesman 

The Casket Salesman from author Scott Dodgson is my latest read. This is a short story, but one that I think everyone should read. 

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Have you read The Casket Salesman? Come on in and let me tell you about it! 

The Casket Salesman
Carl the Sloth read The Casket Salesman with me!

About The Casket Salesman 

In 1964, Sam was 12 years old. He traveled with his dynamic grandfather, Pop, who is a Casket Salesman. He sells caskets to funeral homes. 

Sam wants to see a dead person and find out the truth about zombies, instead he learns the keys to life. Pop has an urgent need to tell his stories: Shot down over Germany during WWII, saving the life of his pilot, captivity in a German stalag, Marylyn Monroe, selling pickles, fishing, second loves, forgotten family histories, and ice boats. 

In order for Pop not to be forgotten, Sam must remember. Immortality is in the stories we tell about our experiences. Those stories are threads in the fabric we call humanity. 

Thoughts on The Casket Salesman 

We all know by now that I love a good short story, and at just 76 pages, The Casket Salesman is the perfect short story to read before bed, or on a Sunday morning instead of the newspaper. 

The best part about short stories is that every word counts. There can’t be any filler or fluff. I admire anyone who can craft a great short story that keeps my attention. 

The Casket Salesman is a story about a boy and his grandfather, and the lessons and memories they make together during a summer trip. 

This is the kind of story that reminds me that our time in life is short, and to make the most of it with the people we love. Learn from them, listen, share stories and laughter. Because they won’t be around forever. 

Stories are one of the ways we remember our loved ones. I still hear my best friend in my head, even five years after he died. What are stories or phrases you remember and can hear from someone you love? That is how people live on, through those of us that are still here, and exactly what The Casket Salesman is all about. 

It reminds us how important it is to keep those loved ones alive through their stories. 

Final Thoughts on The Casket Salesman 

I was completely captivated through reading The Casket Salesman, and it was a quick read because I couldn’t put it down. I finished it in about an hour, and I loved every minute of reading it. 

If you haven’t read The Casket Salesman from author Scott Dodgson, I highly recommend you do! This is one book that will not disappoint you! 


Have you read The Casket Salesman from author Scott Dodgson? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

About the Author 

The Casket Salesman
Scott Dodgson, Author of The Casket Salesman

Scott Dodgson is creator and host of the popular podcast “Offshore Explorer with Scott Dodgson” reaching thousands of listeners per week. 

He wrote the popular movies “Anna Nicole Story”, “Paris Hilton, Princess Paparazzi.” Scott has optioned 40 scripts and ghosted on many high budget studio films. He signed a 5 picture first look deal with American Media Content, who has their own first look deal with Lionsgate. 

A world class sailor, he ran a private charter business based in USVI and Rhodes Greece, for 18 years. He has made 18 round trip crossings across the Atlantic and 8 crossings across the Pacific. He has sailed as far north as the Baltic Sea and Alaska and as far south as Kenya in the Indian Ocean and from South Africa to Chile in the Southern Ocean along 50 degrees south. 

He has called Italy, Spain, Greece, and France home for years at a time. His wide experience on charter yachts, racing boats, commercial ships in both freshwater and saltwater makes his insights both valuable and wide ranging. He has operated a tugboat in New York harbor. 

Widely traveled and restlessly curious, he has built a vast store of knowledge and experience, enabling him to appreciate the world with understanding and compassion. He is a consummate storyteller. Scott served in the 82nd Airborne during the Vietnam era. 

Purchasing The Casket Salesman 

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The Casket Salesman
The Casket Salesman


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