The Family Man
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The Family Man

The Family Man 

The Family Man by author Anna Willett is my latest read. It is the first novel I’ve read from Anna Willett, but it will not be the last. Have you read The Family Man? 

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About The Family Man 

​​A householder who is clearing out the loft comes across a carefully concealed box containing a video camera.

When he plugs it in, unsure due to its age that it will even play, what he sees there has him immediately calling the police.

Senior Sergeant Veronika Pope and her team in the Special Crime Squad study the footage of the torture of four individuals held captive, all physically and mentally abused.

Assured this is no hoax, although all indications are that this happened long in the past, the team races to trace the identity of the victims.

Someone got away with murder once, will Sergeant Pope permit them to do so again?

Thoughts on The Family Man 

This book had me hooked from the beginning. The Family Man is an easy to follow novel, with little character development. Despite the lack of character development, it still kept me on the edge of my seat and I wanted to see it through until the end. 

In comparison to novels like We Were the Mulvaneys or Wicked, the character development was minimal. However, it wasn’t necessary in this novel. I can appreciate when an author knows how to develop characters based on the story, and when to use more or less. That is part of what impresses me about Anna Willett. 

Easy to Follow 

The Family Man may have been easy to follow, but there were some serious plot twists thrown in there, and a seemingly impossible case was solved. 

If you’ve ever watched true crime documentaries where the case literally has no clues and yet the police manage to find the suspect and solve it, you find yourself rooting for their success. To see the case be solved, and appreciate the tenacity of the detectives working it. 

I felt that same feeling reading this novel. I wanted to see the police detectives be successful, even with almost nothing to help them. For the minimal character development, it was just right. Because Anna Willett still gave snippets into the detectives and their lives and history. 

The Family Man
The Family Man

The Family Man Will Keep You Reading! 

The Family Man was 261 pages long, and I read it in two days. The only reason it took me two days was my body decided I needed to sleep and take a break in the middle. Do not start this book before going to bed, as you will be up past your bedtime reading! 

I’m not sure what my expectations of this book were when I started it, but those expectations were definitely exceeded. 

Final Thoughts on The Family Man 

This was my first experience reading Anna Willett’s writing, but I know it will not be my last! I am always excited when I find an author where I want to read more of their work. 

Go read this book, you’ll thank me later, I promise. I look forward to reading more from Anna Willett and sharing my thoughts on her other books with you here! 


Have you read The Family Man by Anna Willett, or any of her other novels? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

About the Author 

Anna Willett is the author of thirteen novels including Amazon bestselling thrillers, Unwelcome Guests, Small Town Nightmare and Savage Bay Nightmare. She is also the author of Amazon bestselling horror novel, Pest and the Amazon #1 New Release, Dear Neighbour.

The Family Man
The Family Man author Anna Willett

Purchasing The Family Man

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The Family Man
The Family Man

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