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The Lucky One

The Lucky One  

The Lucky One from author Ray Kingfisher is my latest short story read. At just 17 pages, The Lucky One makes every word count. Short stories are my favorite thing to read each morning instead of a newspaper, and I am very glad I found The Lucky One to read today. 

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Have you read The Lucky One? Come on in and let me tell you about it! 

The Lucky One
Carl the Sloth reading The Lucky One with me

About The Lucky One 

An elderly woman is haunted by memories of her escape from the holocaust.

But how reliable are painful memories that have been kept at bay for over sixty years?

And at her time of life, what exactly is she searching for?

Thoughts on The Lucky One 

Holocaust stories are one of my favorites to read from history. Because people who survived that horrible time in our history are nothing short of remarkable. Many times they lost everything, yet continued on to rebuild very successful lives. Their stories need to be told more often. 

“In the cold, dark cabin, the young woman shrinks her frame and turns her face away from the darkest of visions. Dirt floor. Bare walls. Living ghosts.” 

Ray Kingfisher, The Lucky One

Much like Dying By Numbers, The Lucky One is a short story at just 17 pages. But that 17 pages packs a punch, and it needs to. I was left speechless after reading this story, and that is no easy feat, trust me. It may have only taken 15 minutes of my day to read The Lucky One, but it is one that sticks with me after and has me thinking. 

The Lucky One is the very short prequel to The Sugar Men, and I am thrilled to see this story has become a full novel. The Lucky One can stand on its own, but there is so much more of this story that deserves to be told, and I am on my way to read it now. 

In this story, we meet Susannah and see through her eyes the flashbacks she suffers from long after her time in the concentration camp. She also has survivor’s guilt and can’t figure out why she made it out when so many others didn’t. 

Final Thoughts on The Lucky One 

As I started reading this, I felt for Susannah. Because I understand the need to confront memories and how it feels impossible to explain that need to others. I felt proud that she was taking those steps as well. That isn’t easy to do. 

I am very glad that I had the opportunity to read The Lucky One and get a feel for Ray Kingfisher’s writing style. This is the first of his writing I had read, but it will not be the last. 

I highly recommend The Lucky One as a short story for anyone who is fascinated by WWII and the Holocaust and the survivors. You will not regret reading this! 


Have you read The Lucky One or any other writing from author Ray Kingfisher? Are you a fan of holocaust survivor stories? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

About the Author 

The Lucky One
The Lucky One author Ray Kingfisher

Ray is best known for his three ‘Holocaust Echoes’ historical novels: The Sugar Men, Rosa’s Gold, and Beyond the Shadow of Night.

Then came Under Darkening Skies, a sideways step from those, set in Norway during the German occupation, a story of how the Lebensborn program left an equally serious legacy for many ordinary people.

His latest release is Three Tales from Vienna, an epic saga spanning a century and three generations of an ordinary Viennese family through the eyes of three sisters.

He has also written An Ocean Between Us, a historical romance released under the pen name Rachel Quinn, which is a love story set in Ireland during World War Two.

Two other General Fiction titles released under the Ray Kingfisher name are Matchbox Memories and Tales of Loss and Guilt.

The former is more of a comedy drama with a bittersweet edge, being a sympathetic portrait of Alzheimer’s disease. It concerns how attitudes change over time and how we can never truly escape our past.

Tales of Loss and Guilt is a collection of short stories which reflects the diversity of Ray’s writing both in style and in subject matter, containing comedies mixed in with hard-edged thrillers and moving dramas. It follows that Ray has also written gritty thrillers under the pen-name Ray Backley, and silly comedies under the pen-name Ray Fripp.

Ray lives in Hampshire, UK, and welcomes any feedback (positive or negative) from readers.

Purchasing The Lucky One 

If you are interested in buying the Kindle version of The Lucky One, click here.

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The Lucky One
The Lucky One

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