Dying By Numbers
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Dying By Numbers

Dying By Numbers 

Dying By Numbers is a short story from author Sam Kates that I just finished reading, and it is not a story I will forget anytime soon. 

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Have you read Dying By Numbers? Come on in and let me tell you about it! 

About Dying By Numbers 

 Guilt. The heaviest burden.

An old man has for many years borne a weight that runs deeper than survivor’s guilt. He is a survivor of humanity’s darkest hour, but wouldn’t have lived through it if not for the actions of another.

Now he has the opportunity for which he has long yearned: to meet his savior’s daughter and tell her about her father’s supreme act of selflessness. And maybe, in the telling, one of them will find release. 

Thoughts on Dying By Numbers

I love a good short story that I can read with my morning coffee instead of the newspaper or scrolling through social media. It is just more enjoyable and productive. Dying By Numbers was my read for this morning, and it did not disappoint!

Dying By Numbers is a story that I will remember for a very long time, and that is rare.

“It is easy to forget. We must not. If we survive, we must tell the world what happened here.”

Sam Kates, Dying By Numbers

The stories of holocaust survivors is something I absolutely love reading. Because these are people who walked through hell, and still managed to come out alive and standing strong to continue on and rebuild their lives. That’s not easy to do and many didn’t make it. I often think I’ve seen horrific things in my life, but nothing compares to what these survivors escaped, and their stories need to be told.

Their survival was nothing short of remarkable, and really highlights that even in the worst circumstances, there is human kindness and love. This is also what made The Tattooist of Auschwitz so great. That story of love, kindness, and just humanity in a place where those traits shouldn’t exist. How people can be surrounded by death and still be strong for each other is simply amazing.

Dying By Numbers is a short story, at just sixteen pages. But it is the most powerful sixteen pages I’ve ever read. 

Final Thoughts on Dying By Numbers

Dying By Numbers was easily one of the most powerful stories I’ve ever read, and it is something that will stick with me for quite some time. Sam Kates did an amazing job at bringing this story to life in such a short story. He is clearly a very talented author.

Dying By Numbers was the first story I’ve read from Sam Kates, but it will not be the last. If his other writing is this strong, I am definitely looking forward to reading it. 


Have you read Dying By Numbers or any other writing from author Sam Kates? Are you a fan of short stories? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

About the Author 

Dying by Numbers
Dying By Numbers author Sam Kates

My name is Sam Kates, at least when it comes to writing fiction. If there’s a photo on this page of a middle-aged bloke with a hair shortage, that’s me.

I live in Wales, a small constituent country of Great Britain and the U.K. Like many of my fellow countrymen, I possess a fondness for rugby union (though these days only as a spectator) and a good pint of beer. Usually the two go hand in hand.

My tastes in reading and film tend toward the darker side of life and the fantastic. Little surprise, then, that the fiction I write is usually science fiction and fantasy with a decidedly dark flavour, or outright horror.

Outside of writing, my main ambition is to see Wales beat the New Zealand All Blacks to win the Rugby World Cup. A forlorn hope, I suspect, but if you’re going to harbour ambitions, they might as well be lofty, right?

Dying by Numbers
Dying by Numbers author Sam Kates

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Dying by Numbers
Dying by Numbers


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