The Perfect Family

The Perfect Family

The Perfect Family 

The Perfect Family is the latest novel to be checked off my large to be read list. My wife picked this one to read. 

I love the fact we can read together and have bonded a lot over our love of reading. My husband and I are listening to Lord of the Rings together right now as well. The three of us are seriously avid readers. 

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Have you read The Perfect Family? Come on in and let me tell you about it! 

The Perfect Family
The Perfect Family

About The Perfect Family 

Thomas and Viv Adler are the envy of their neighbors: attractive, successful, with well-mannered children and a beautifully restored home. 

Until one morning, when they wake up to find their porch has been pelted with eggs. It’s a prank, Thomas insists; the work of a few out-of-control kids. But when a smoke bomb is tossed on their front lawn, and their car’s tires are punctured, the family begins to worry. 

Surveillance cameras show nothing but grainy images of shadowy figures in hoodies. And the police dismiss the attacks, insisting they’re just the work of bored teenagers. Unable to identify the perpetrators, the Adlers are helpless as the assaults escalate into violence, and worse. And each new violation brings with it a growing fear. Because everyone in the Adler family is keeping a secret – not just from the outside world, but from each other. And secrets can be very dangerous….

This twisty, addictively thrilling suspense novel about a perfect family’s perfect façade will keep you turning pages until its explosive ending. 

Thoughts on The Perfect Family 

The prologue of this book is what sucked me in and made me want to keep reading. I will say that without it, I would likely get bored easily, because I didn’t see the point of the story. So kudos to Robyn Harding for sucking me into the story. 

I find it interesting that I hate every single character in this book. There is nothing relatable or redeemable about any of them. Yet I keep reading. That isn’t something that happens often for me. Normally I want characters to like, cheer for, and want to see a happy ending. 

This book is a slow burn, much like Rock Paper Scissors was. But each chapter is short, and so it is a quick read. I also love how Robyn Harding rotates through each character, and so we see all perspectives. 

My wife really enjoyed this book too. We kind of binged the last thirty percent in one single night. Because we both wanted to know what was going on and find out all the answers. 

My biggest problem here is that once I found out the answers, they were kind of boring and basic. It was just people with a bunch of secrets that seemed to hate each other, and when their secrets finally came out, they learned to like each other and be a family again. Which has a redeeming quality to it, as the ending was a happy one. But at the same time, I kind of wanted more. 

The other problem I had with it was that it was based in Oregon, which is great. Except, if you’re from Oregon, it will end up annoying you. The Adler family lives in a suburb outside of Portland. One of the main characters wants to go to college at the University of Oregon, while still living near Portland, and working there as well, staying at his current job.

For people with any basic knowledge of this area, that is a two hour drive, if not closer to two and a half, and that is if the traffic gods are in a good mood, which isn’t frequently. It really isn’t realistic for a kid to live and work in Portland, and go to school in Eugene and commute every single day. 

Another reference was about the nursing program at the University of Oregon. Except, they don’t have one. I realize this book is fictional, but if the author is going to reference real places readers are familiar with, it would be nice if she could get it right. Anyone anywhere near the University of Oregon knows that they don’t have a nursing program. 

The Perfect Family
Carl the Sloth is reading The Perfect Family with me

Final Thoughts on The Perfect Family 

I’m finding it hard to discuss the good and bad of this book without giving it all away and spoiling it. But I’m torn on a rating for it, because it had so much of both good and bad in it. I’m going between three and four stars, and will likely round up to four. 

The biggest thing is The Perfect Family reminded me that we all have secrets. Appearances aren’t always what they seem to be. The perfect looking family next door that you’re envious of, they may be hiding a kleptomaniac in that house. Or a serial killer. Or who knows what else. Just because they live in a pretty house and drive nice cars doesn’t mean they have it all together. 


Have you read The Perfect Family or any other writing from author Robyn Harding? Are you a fan? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

About the Author 

Robyn Harding is the bestselling author of several books and has written and executive produced an independent film. She lives in Vancouver, BC with her family and two cute but deadly rescue chihuahuas. 

The Perfect Family
The Perfect Family author Robyn Harding

Purchasing The Perfect Family 

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The Perfect Family
The Perfect Family

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