Eat the Damn Muffin
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Eat the Damn Muffin

Eat the Damn Muffin 

Eat the Damn Muffin from author Jenni Dunlap is my latest and greatest read. This is categorized as a self-help book, but it is not the standard tedious self-help book. It is so much more! 

“You can love every inch of your body, regardless of your pant size. Ever think that maybe it’s not you, it’s the pants?” 

Jenni Dunlap, Eat the Damn Muffin

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Have you read Eat the Damn Muffin? Come on in and let me tell you about it! 

About Eat the Damn Muffin 

Eat the Damn Muffin is the book you need to start your self-love journey where you’ll learn that confidence is for everybody. Jenni Dunlap had a decade long battle with bulimia, and she shares her experiences along with how she discovered that all bodies are beautiful. 

She’s far from shy and discusses every part of your body that needs a little extra love, because self-care is bigger than your standard bubble bath. She is the quirky, no-nonsense friend that you need to help you see that you’re beautiful at any size. You will be sipping on positivity while dumping all of the negative forces in your life down the drain. 

With tools to help you grow your body confidence, this book includes so much more than a few steps on how to love yourself. Jenni is here to show you that you can eat a damn muffin, and you’ll still be beautiful.

This isn’t your typical self-help book. This is about the journey to find self-love and learning to embrace your body and who you are. It’s time to say that it’s okay to love your body at any size. It’s time to realize that confidence is for everybody, and self-love isn’t an exclusive club. 

We all deserve to know and feel that we are beautiful. The time for fad diets, restrictive eating, and body shaming are over. It’s time to shout that it’s okay to eat the damn muffin, because you’ll still be beautiful tomorrow.

Eat the Damn Muffin
Eat the Damn Muffin

Thoughts on Eat the Damn Muffin 

“Today is the day that we need to be able to go into our kitchens and eat a damn muffin or whatever your favorite snack is without regret, guilt, or shame. You can eat what you love and still be beautiful tomorrow.” 

Jenni Dunlap, Eat the Damn Muffin

Let me start off by saying that I am not generally a fan of self-help type books. They’re all boring and follow the same format. If you’ve read one, you’ve read them all, in my opinion. There are very few I like, and Are You Here Yet is one of my favorites. Eat the Damn Muffin ranks right up there too! 

The title caught my attention. Because it’s something I’ve said many times over the years. Just eat the damn muffin. It isn’t a debate, do it. Anybody else? 

I’m impressed with how honest Jenni Dunlap is in this book. Most people say to fake it until you make it. She says the opposite. Don’t do that, instead embrace what you’re not happy with. Admit it, outloud, acknowledge it and then let’s go from there. 

Eat the Damn Muffin is a short read, at only 114 pages. So there’s really no excuse not to give it a read. That appeals to me when I’m not entirely sure I’ll love a book or not, because I’m not committing much of my time to reading it. 

“I found a version of myself that needed pulled out, dusted off, and celebrated. It really helped me realize that we can all have that mean girl living in our heads, and that bitch needs evicted. I didn’t change who I was, I just brought out a better side of myself.” 

Jenni Dunlap, Eat the Damn Muffin

This book encourages all of us to find and embrace the best version of ourselves, and it is so refreshing. Acknowledging it is a marathon, not a race. There will be days we fail. The key is picking yourself back up and continuing to move forward. 

Final Thoughts on Eat the Damn Muffin 

This didn’t come across as the standard stereotypical self-help book, and I love that! It is like a conversation with your best friend, who just wants to see you embrace yourself and become the fiercely strong badass that you’re meant to be, and she knows that aspect is hiding inside you. 

As I read this, I could easily see where I was already successful in my journey, and where I needed improvement. It is always reassuring to know that you’re headed in the right direction, and where to focus for improvement. 

I wish I had read Eat the Damn Muffin much sooner, but I’m also realizing that now is the perfect time and place too. Because I am in a space where I’m focused on myself and my own improvement. So as amazing as it is, it may have fallen on deaf ears had I read it sooner. 

I’m finding myself much more inwardly focused this year, and I’m a lot more open to new ideas and improving myself. As a business owner, as a writer, as a wife, and as a woman. I’m trying to become the best version of myself, and reading Eat the Damn Muffin is an inspiration to keep working toward those goals! 


Have you read Eat the Damn Muffin from author Jenni Dunlap yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

“Confidence doesn’t have a size requirement. Once you realize that, you need to sip on some positivity like it’s your morning coffee after a long night. Cutting out negativity, like toxic people and situations, can improve your overall health and happiness.” 

Jenni Dunlap, Eat the Damn Muffin

About the Author 

Eat the Damn Muffin
Eat the Damn Muffin author Jenni Dunlap

Jenni Dunlap is a legally blind mother of two who battled bulimia through her teens and early adulthood. Struggling with invisible disabilities and illnesses took a toll on her, but she became better not bitter. 

Now, she is an author, advocate, and SAHM who is hoping to help inspire others to love themselves just as they are.

Eat the Damn Muffin
Eat the Damn Muffin author Jenni Dunlap

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Eat the Damn Muffin
Eat the Damn Muffin

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