Eternal Truth
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Eternal Truth

Eternal Truth 

Eternal Truth from author Ann Marie Ruby is my latest novel to be read. 

“Messages are left as ashes, buried within Earth, throughout time. Yet, from the door of miracles, they ask, seek, and knock for our attention as they find their seekers.” 

Ann Marie Ruby, Eternal Truth

Ann Marie is a repeat author in my blog, as I’ve made it a personal goal to read all of her novels. Eternal Truth is number thirteen for me, out of the nineteen books she has written. Do you have any specific authors that you’ve read all of their books? I have several that I’ve been working my way though this year, and I find it exciting. 

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Have you read Eternal Truth from Ann Marie Ruby? Come on in and let me tell you about it! 

Eternal Truth
Eternal Truth

About Eternal Truth 

“Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light” is the tenth book by globally recognized spirituality leader, Ann Marie Ruby. As an author, blogger, and influencer, she has been named as one of the top leaders in the spiritual space resulting in collaborations with numerous public figures, films, and brands. Her books have been hailed by readers as “the best spiritual books ever.”

As a dream psychic and leader in the spiritual space, Ann Marie Ruby frequently receives questions regarding the unanswered questions of life. These questions mainly revolve around the mysteries of birth, death, reincarnation, true soulmates, dreams, miracles, and end of time. With religious, scientific, and spiritual evidence, backed by the miracle door of dreams, Ann Marie Ruby now brings answers to these unanswered questions of life in, “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.”

Where do people come from at birth? Where do people go after death? What does death feel like? Can the dead communicate with the living after death? Do people reincarnate? Are there soulmates and twin flames? What is the difference between a soulmate and twin flame? Why do we see dreams? Should we believe in miracles? What is the end of time? When is the end of time? Find the answers to these questions and more in “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.” 

Thoughts on Eternal Truth 

I picked this book up in late July, as I was grieving the anniversary of my best friend’s death. That is never an easy time, especially when I look back at everything I’ve been through since, and I always wonder if he sees me, if he’s proud of the things I’ve accomplished since he’s been gone. 

I had to put it down more than once, simply because I wasn’t in the right place to read it at that time. I wanted to come back to it when I was ready to truly appreciate Ann Marie’s words fully and completely. 

Eternal Truth is unlike anything I’ve ever read from Ann Marie Ruby, and that can be a good thing. I always appreciate something new and different. 

What I appreciate the most about Eternal Truth from Ann Marie Ruby is how she weaves religious ideas, scientific facts, and her own experiences into this novel and it makes perfect sense. Normally when I think of science and religion, they’re opposites and fighting each other to determine who and what is the correct answer. 

This was a combination of a learning experience and finding comfort within her words. It is clear Ann Marie did her research for Eternal Truth, and then added in her own personal experiences as well. I found I was very impressed with how she wrote and delivered this book. 

Eternal Truth
Eternal Truth

Final Thoughts on Eternal Truth 

“When and where there is no hope, like a lighthouse glowing from afar, come the blessed dreams guiding all throughout eternity.” 

Ann Marie Ruby, Eternal Truth

Eternal Truth is nothing like any of Ann Marie’s other novels, yet it is still unmistakably her writing. This book took me a little while to find the right mindset to read it, yet I was very grateful to have it when I knew I was ready to read it. 

I highly recommend Eternal Truth as a must-read for everyone. 

Eternal Truth
Eternal Truth


Have you read Eternal Truth from author Ann Marie Ruby? Are you a fan of her writing? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

About the Author 

Ann Marie Ruby is an international number-one bestselling author of eighteen books. Alongside being a full time author, she is also a blogger. 

Ann Marie is an American who was born into a diplomatic family traveling the globe and grew up in Brisbane, Australia as her father was a student at The University of Queensland. 

She lived in the Washington DC area, but later settled in Seattle, Washington where she currently resides. In her spare time, when not writing books, she loves to meditate, pray, listen to music, cook, and write blogs.

Her books have also placed on top 100 bestselling charts in various countries including the Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany.

She revealed why many of her books revolve around the Netherlands, sharing that as a dream psychic, she had seen the historical past of the country in her dreams and was later able to place a name to the country. 

This is described in detail in Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby and The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams where she also wrote about her plans to eventually move to the Netherlands. Her Kasteel Vrederic book series is also based in the Netherlands.

Ann Marie is acclaimed globally as one of the top voices in the spiritual space, however, she is recognized for her writing abilities published across many genres namely spirituality, lifestyle, inspirational quotations, poetry, fiction, romance, history, travel, social awareness, and more. Her writing style is hailed by critics and readers alike as making readers feel as though they have made a friend.

Purchasing Eternal Truth 

If you are interested in buying the paperback version of Eternal Truth, click here.

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Eternal Truth
Eternal Truth

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