Prescriptions From Dr. Love

Prescriptions From Dr. Love

Prescriptions from Dr. Love 

I have just finished reading Prescriptions from Dr. Love, a book by Dr. Suzy Al Mushcab. I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to enjoy this book when I first started it, to be honest. It is basically conversations in the author’s head with herself AKA Dr. Love. Sounds funky, right? She’s talking to herself and documenting the conversation, basically. 

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Prescriptions From Dr. Love
Carl the Sloth is reading Prescriptions From Dr. Love with me

About Prescriptions from Dr. Love 

She asked me to think about why conventional medicine alone hadn’t found the answers to what truly plagued me and why the bags full of medicine hadn’t improved the condition in which my body was in. She smiled her knowing smile, eyebrows raised, the gentle but straightforward questions hanging in the balance as she waited for my response.

Ridden with medical complications that plagued her for almost all her life, Dr. Suzan Al Mushcab finally lay at death’s door, when what was supposed to be a simple surgical procedure went horribly wrong. 

Though this is not a book about that event in her life, it is the backdrop to a miraculous recovery in health, mind and spirit for a doctor, by a doctor. The miracle wasn’t in conventional medicine, nor was it in alternative medicine completely. It was in conversations that Suzan had with her alter ego, Dr. Love.  

Prescriptions from Dr. Love: 10 ways to transform Dis-ease to Ease takes us through the powerful conversations that Dr. Mushcab had with herself. 

Using tools that she learned in both medicine, alternative therapies and self development, Dr. Love took herself from death’s door to a fulfilling, happy and healthy lifestyle in which she is now thriving. In Prescriptions from Dr.Love: 10 ways to transform dis-ease to ease, readers can learn 

•Why their minds are powerful tool for healing themselves 

•Why food is medicinal and not just nourishment

•Why conversations with yourself are important for leading yourself 

•How to implement different strategies for self healing 

•How to find the source of problems in your body and then work at healing from the inside out

Thoughts on Prescriptions From Dr. Love

I am really happy to report that Prescriptions From Dr. Love is actually much more interesting than that. The reason I say that is because it is so relatable. Suzy talks about her struggles and how she helped herself through Dr. Love. 

Self reflection is highlighted in the beginning, as the author looks back on her life. This made me look back at my own choices and wonder if I had made good ones. The answer is, not always. But they brought me to where I am right now, so I am happy with those choices. Suzy highlights the fact that we are not stuck in our choices. Simply they are comfortable and that is why we stay in the same patterns. I love that because it is completely true. 

One of the greatest misconceptions is that happy people lead perfect lives. Which is beyond untrue. What it really means is someone refuses to be the victim in their circumstances. In this book, Suzy makes that transition from the victim mentality to being in control. 

Final Thoughts on Prescriptions From Dr. Love

As I said in the beginning, I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to enjoy Prescriptions From Dr. Love. But it turned out to be a great read. Dr. Suzy Al Mushcab and Dr. Love are both completely relatable to me. I feel like so many people could use a good self-reflection journey to learn and grow from. I recommend this one. 

I read somewhere recently a quote about the victim mentality and changing it around. It said, when we go from asking “why is this happening to me” to “what is this trying to teach me” instead, our lives are forever changed. Being able to step away from the victim mentality and take control of our lives is a huge step! 

Every woman can benefit greatly from reading this book!

Prescriptions From Dr. Love
Prescriptions From Dr. Love


Have you read Prescriptions From Dr. Love by author Dr. Suzy Al Mushcab? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

About the Author 

Dr. Suzy Almushcab, MD is from Saudi Arabia and currently lives in Calgary, Canada. She is a graduate of the King Faisal University School of Medicine. She completed her residency at the children’s hospital in Calgary and then pursued a second specialty at McGill University to become a Pediatric Endocrinologist. 

She then continued her work with children at JAHA Center, formally known as Dhahran Health Center. She has cared for children with Diabetes and those with endocrine disorders as well. She established multiple guidelines specifically for outpatient on call care and for inpatient care of type 1 DM. She also established the initiation of insulin pump therapy in Dhahran Health Center. 

She has received multiple awards for multiple campaigns including obesity and diabetes. She published an article about hypocalcemic seizures in infants due to vitamin D deficiency and was an expert member for the review of growth hormone therapy and treatment in children. Suzan’s biggest motivation and aspiration were her two children with Type 1 DM that she cared for throughout the learning process and into their teenage lives. 

She has retired from her medical career and has indulgently set out to acquire knowledge for holistic wellness. She has now become an Ayurvedic lifestyle instructor & a Neuro Linguistic Program practitioner. Using her background experience of western medicine combined with the East Indian healing system, Ayurveda & NLP, she has been able to free herself from dis – Ease as well. 

With new experiences behind her, she has attended many workshops that have contributed to her transformation. Her mission is to help women who want to reclaim their lives, to glow & flow and regain their health, joy and happiness from within. She believes that supporting women’s health and happiness is at the core of health and happiness for children, because it provides an opportunity for a brighter future for the next generation and society at large.

Prescriptions From Dr. Love
Suzy Al Mushcab, author of Prescriptions From Dr. Love

Purchasing Prescriptions from Dr. Love

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Prescriptions From Dr. Love
Prescriptions From Dr. Love


  • Suzy Almushcab

    Dearest Erica,
    I am very grateful for your detailed descriptive review of my book” Prescriptions from Dr love”.
    I am pleased to know that it has added value into your life reflecting back and being in control.
    Again, thank you, and I trust it is to make a difference for people by sharing the learned experience and making our world striving on health and joy.
    Have an amazing day,
    Dr love

  • Sarah

    I can see why you weren’t sure if you would like this one or not, based upon the description of the book. I would probably feel the same way too. I’m glad that the book was enjoyable in the end and it does sound like quite an interesting story. I shall have to check this one out.

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