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Shattered Wings

Shattered Wings 

Shattered Wings
Shattered Wings

Shattered Wings is the latest novel from bestselling author Ann Marie Ruby that I just finished reading. Ann Marie is a repeat author in my blog, and for good reason. Her stories, quotes, and inspirations are simply amazing. 

Shattered Wings is very different from her normal writing topics, but that can be a good thing, as it creates diversity and appeals to a wider audience. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting into when I picked this book up, but I knew it would be great. 

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“Thunder was roaring as lightning sparked through the windows. I am scared of the roaring storms as they remind me, I have no one to ask for help. My inner heart has hope that maybe someone will hear my cries, just maybe. During the storm, my sobbing sounds too get buried like I am buried alive. No one will arrive to help me because this is my destiny, the fate of a child bride.” 

Ann Marie Ruby, Shattered Wings

Have you read Shattered Wings? Come on in and let me tell you about it! 

Shattered Wings
Shattered Wings

About Shattered Wings 

After the huge success of her previous books, number 1 international bestselling author Ann Marie Ruby now brings to you her twenty-third book awaited by her international audience, Shattered Wings: Diary Of A Child Bride based in the paranormal world of Kasteel Vrederic. Find out why her readers call her books, “the best books ever” and critics hail her books as “must-read” and “most thought-provoking.” 

Her writing style is famously known for making readers feel like they’ve made a close friend. As a globally renowned author, she now brings to you this fictional tragic tale of a child bride to awaken the global eyes to this humanitarian crisis which 1 in every 5 girls are facing.

Ahana Roy was destined for tragedy as she was born a girl. Shattered glass laid everywhere she walked. Her mother told her if only she were a boy, her fate would have been different. Sold at the age of three, she eventually ended up in New York City, where all her dreams were shattered as she became a child bride and a mother. Bruised and battered, she wandered the streets of New York City, vowing to give her children a different future than her own. She found no one, yet fate intervened and brought the paranormal family of Kasteel Vrederic to her door.

Crossing the world above and beyond the grave from the seventeenth century, her beloved twin flame arrives yet as a ghost. In her shattered dreams, she found a ghost sailor who promised to be with her, dead or alive. How does a beloved ghost help as they are separated by death?

The heartbreaking diary of a child bride who said, “I had no chance in life as I was born with shattered wings.” 

Shattered Wings
Shattered Wings

Thoughts on Shattered Wings 

Shattered Wings is a heartbreaking story that will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. At 22 pages in, I had to stop and take a break because I wanted to throw up. This happened several more times as I read on. This has nothing to do with Ann Marie’s writing, and should not be taken as an insult to her writing capabilities. 

“I forgot what my mother looked like or other members of my family. I was happy here as I got to eat and sleep in a luxurious bed. My mother used to beat me up for saying I was hungry. Here though I could tell everyone I was hungry without being afraid. Yet my life changed as I met my husband for the first time when I turned nine years old.” 

Ann Marie Ruby, Shattered Wings

What affected me was just how brutally honest this story is. I felt the same way when I watched the TV show “Shiny Happy People” or even “Dahmer.” The topic is simply heartbreaking and it is appalling that it happens. It is a heavy topic that is dark, and so rarely talked about. 

It is beautifully written though, despite the heartbreaking topic, which is something Ann Marie Ruby is very good at doing. She can take a terrible topic and write it beautifully through her lens. Her gift for storytelling in such an amazing way is nothing short of brilliant. 

I found myself wanting every single child bride to be reduced by people like the Kasteel Vrederic family, and more people to care the way they did in this book. I felt so many emotions as I read Shattered Wings. I’m not going to list everything, but it was a roller coaster of emotions, and rarely do I feel so many feelings as I read books. 

Shattered Wings
Shattered Wings

Final Thoughts on Shattered Wings 

Child brides are something far removed from my life, and I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t even think about it, or I’ve wondered if it is still a thing. Because it isn’t something reported on the news, hasn’t affected me personally in any way, nor do I know anyone affected by it either. 

We’ve all been affected by suicide or cancer, as examples. So we think about it, talk about it, bring more awareness to it, and try to end it. But how many of us think about child brides and what happens to them? How many of us are outraged by the fact this is such a basic human rights violation? 

What I appreciate about Shattered Wings is Ann Marie brings this specific topic to the forefront of conversations. She puts a name and face on a child bride, and reminds all of us that it is still happening and needs to end. I hope that more people think about this and start talking about it. 

The reason this is continuing is because it happens in the dark, and society doesn’t talk about it. Leave things in the dark and they will flourish. Shine a light on it and it will stop. It is time we all helped shine a light on this, bring it out, and help to put an end to it. It is time we helped give more children and women who have been victims of this a voice! 

I find myself struggling to articulate why this book is so important and why everyone should be reading and talking about it, but it is definitely a must-read book for everyone. I hope that both Shattered Wings and this review bring more and more awareness to the issue of child brides and helps someone out there escape it and become a survivor and continue helping others. It all starts with each one of us! Help be the voice of change.

Shattered Wings
Shattered Wings


Have you read Shattered Wings from bestselling author Ann Marie Ruby? Are you a fan of her writing? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

About the Author 

Ann Marie Ruby is an international number-one bestselling author of twenty-one books. Alongside being a full time author, she is also a blogger. 

Ann Marie is an American who was born into a diplomatic family traveling the globe and grew up in Brisbane, Australia as her father was a student at The University of Queensland. 

She lived in the Washington DC area, but later settled in Seattle, Washington where she currently resides. In her spare time, when not writing books, she loves to meditate, pray, listen to music, cook, and write blogs.

Her books have also placed on top 100 bestselling charts in various countries including the Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany.

She revealed why many of her books revolve around the Netherlands, sharing that as a dream psychic, she had seen the historical past of the country in her dreams and was later able to place a name to the country. 

This is described in detail in Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby and The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams where she also wrote about her plans to eventually move to the Netherlands. Her Kasteel Vrederic book series is also based in the Netherlands.

Ann Marie is acclaimed globally as one of the top voices in the spiritual space, however, she is recognized for her writing abilities published across many genres namely spirituality, lifestyle, inspirational quotations, poetry, fiction, romance, history, travel, social awareness, and more. Her writing style is hailed by critics and readers alike as making readers feel as though they have made a friend.

Shattered Wings
Shattered Wings

Purchasing Shattered Wings

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Shattered Wings
Shattered Wings

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