The Dead Elf
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The Dead Elf

The Dead Elf 

The Dead Elf is the second in a five part short story series from author Alice Webb that I just finished reading. I am a big fan of short stories. If you’ve ever played the “just one more chapter” game, then you know exactly why short stories are so amazing.

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Have you read The Dead Elf? Come on in and let me tell you about it! 

The Dead Elf
Carl the Sloth reading The Dead Elf with me

About The Dead Elf 

Tragedy befalls a jolly December day when a Christmas elf falls from the top floor of a department store to the icy pavement below. But why was he up there and not on his shift? And could it be related to a string of thefts from the store? In this short story, Alma Easter, the cake-loving old-lady detective, thinks she knows the answer.

Thoughts on The Dead Elf 

The Dead Elf is the second in a five part short story series from author Alice Webb. The titles of these stories are what caught my attention and why I started reading them. 

What I love about these short stories is the fact I can read them all with my coffee in the morning, or right before bedtime to quiet my brain instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media on my phone. 

These stories follow Alma Easter, the wife of a police officer. We know she is older, somewhere between fifty and one hundred fifty, as she stated in The Candy Cane Killer. But she won’t disclose her actual age. 

As I said in the last review, these short stories have a very ‘Murder, She Wrote’ feel to them. Now growing up watching that in the evenings with my aunt, I can easily see why I am so drawn to these stories. 

Alma is in just the right place at just the right time when someone is murdered, and she seemingly solves the case just by looking around and having a quick chat with one or two people at the scene. 

“Alma stopped when she heard a crash from above. A green blur flashed by the window. She dashed forward and pressed her short fingers up against the glass as she gazed down to the street below. There on the pavement was what looked like a small pile of clothes, a mixture of green, white and red.”  

Final Thoughts on The Dead Elf 

I found I enjoyed The Dead Elf more than I did The Candy Cane Killer. But that may be because the second book gave me a better opportunity to get to know the main character, Alma, and it made a lot more sense. 

It can also be that author Alice Webb is growing and improving in her writing style as well. I love seeing an author grow as I read their work. 

I highly recommend The Dead Elf from author Alice Webb if you are looking for a cute short story to read in the morning or before bedtime. You won’t be disappointed with this one. 

The Dead Elf
The Dead Elf


Have you read The Dead Elf from author Alice Webb? Are you a fan of short stories? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

About the Author 

Alice Webb can be found writing mysteries, eating cake or doing both at the same time. 

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The Dead Elf
The Dead Elf

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