The Fallen Swann
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The Fallen Swann

The Fallen Swann 

The Fallen Swann is the fourth in a five part short story series from author Alice Webb that I just finished reading. This series has caught my attention based on the titles. It is such a fun series to read, especially around the holidays! You can’t go wrong with this short story series.

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Have you read The Fallen Swann? Come on in and let me tell you about it! 

The Fallen Swann
Carl the Sloth is reading The Fallen Swann with me

About The Fallen Swann

Alma Easter is invited to a lavish Christmas party hosted by her old celebrity friends. It has imported champagne, delicate nibbles and, unfortunately, a death in the middle of the welcome speech. While guests leave and family mourns, Alma suspects this death is more than just tragic misfortune. 

Thoughts on The Fallen Swann

The Fallen Swann is a short story at just 23 pages, that is easy to read over my morning coffee. That is exactly how my day started too, and it is perfect given how cold it is outside right now. 

Much like The Crooked Angel, The Fallen Swann takes Alma and Ben to a lavish party. Only this time it is the host who dies right after giving a welcoming speech. Now there is a pressing case to be solved! 

The Fallen Swann also lets us get to know more about Alma and her past. These stories really have a condensed ‘Murder, She Wrote’ feel to them, and I’m finding I enjoy them. Every time that a little piece of information is revealed about Alma and her past, I am excited because I want to know everything about her and how she came to be in all the right places to solve crimes like this.

This one had a twist thrown in that I was not expecting! It is definitely worth taking the time to read. I really hope that Alice Webb takes Alma and turns this series into full novels, because I would definitely keep reading about Alma and her adventures!

The Fallen Swann
The Fallen Swann

Final Thoughts on The Fallen Swann

I’m not going to tell you more about this short story, because it’s impossible to say much without giving everything away. But if you’ve been following this series with me, you will absolutely enjoy The Fallen Swann. This is a perfect series for any short story lover you know.

In reading this series, I can easily see how author Alice Webb grew as she wrote these. As a blogger, I can look back at my older writing and see how far I’ve come in developing my voice and writing style as I go. I can see the same thing in these stories from Alice Webb. That is fun for me. 

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Have you read The Fallen Swann from author Alice Webb? Are you a fan of short stories? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

About the Author 

Alice Webb can be found writing mysteries, eating cake or doing both at the same time. 

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The Fallen Swann
The Fallen Swann

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