The Price of Silver
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The Price Of Silver

The Price of Silver 

The Price of Silver is a new and exciting debut book from author R.P. Gosswiller. It is set in the old west, and is filled with a cast of interesting characters, shootouts, train robberies, and much more. 

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Have you read The Price of Silver yet? Come and let me tell you about it! 

About The Price of Silver  

Father Jericho is a bounty hunter with a haunted past. Once a priest who bent the rules, he is now a loose cannon who breaks them. On the road to revenge, and possibly his own redemption, he will burn the frontier to the ground in search of the outlaws who shattered his life.

Thoughts on The Price of Silver 

I am enjoying watching the characters develop as I read and learning more about them while reading The Price of Silver. This is the very first book in this series, and after reading it, I am hoping there are more and looking forward to it. In this article, I will include not only a review of the book and an introduction to some of the characters. 

I wasn’t prepared to enjoy The Price of Silver as much as I did, and I really appreciate that. It is a fun adventure when reading something totally new, not the usual genre, and having no clue what to expect out of it.

The Price of Silver is a book that is definitely worth a read! You will not be disappointed in this novel.

Final Thoughts on The Price of Silver 

The Price of Silver is a short novel and leaves a lot of questions, but that makes me excited for the sequel to find out more! I am very excited about the next book and watching these characters develop through it and what happens. Stay tuned later on for that review as well, and a subsequent interview with R.P. Gosswiller about it. 

The Price of Silver was a really fun read for me, and I’m glad I had the opportunity. It is definitely worth taking the time to read yourself! 


Have you read The Price of Silver or any other writing from author R.P. Gosswiller? Are you a fan of western novels? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

About the Author 

The Price of Silver
The Price of Silver author R.P. Gosswiller

The story of how I ended up in Texas writing is a long winded and expansive adventure, one I will try to keep short. Many shipmates have told me to write about my life, and maybe one day I shall. 

After high school I felt a strong wanderlust, a jig in my feet, so to speak. I signed on with a crew of wildland firefighters and began to travel the country. Long hours, dangerous tasks, and amazing friends. From the mountains of southern California to the hill country of the East coast, and even the overgrown lands in Florida. 

For years I lived out of a duffel bag with my tools and equipment. And that slowly turned into disaster relief work. Mostly hurricanes. I was able to stand against the wall of mother nature, but also see the worst that humanity had to offer. Those times still, to this day, affect me. I would say haunt me, but I feel I have overcome those nightmares. 

After a while though it ground me down and I had to find something else. Had to escape. So what better place to run than the open ocean? I took on with a company that transported everything to everywhere and began to see not just the country, but the world. 

Good officers, terrible officers, great shipmates, ones I wanted to throw overboard. I sailed through tropical storms, through hurricanes, and beneath the sun and the salt spray I thickened my skin and burned my body. It was hard, but it was fun. I was able to take part in things that others dreamed of. That my friends I grew up with could barely even imagine. 

I spent a lot of my free time for a while hitchhiking around America, backpacking when no one was offering rides. Sometimes it was the police who picked me up, though. Laws are funny towards the adventuring soul. But it was one of the most free, most fun, times of my life.

The Price of Silver
The Price of Silver author R.P. Gosswiller

During all of this I was also growing a family. A son, and then my daughter, and I finally learned what responsibility was. While going through the pregnancy phase, everyone asked how it felt to be a father. But it never really struck me. 

Until the day I held my son. I was shaking, I was scared, I was AFRAID. But I was a father. I knew my life was no longer mine. And I was at peace with that. Everything I did, every penny I scraped together, was all for them. To make their lives happy and full. That, truly, has been the biggest adventure of my life.

I have always been a wanderer. A gypsy. And so when my children moved to Texas, it was an easy decision to follow them. To set down roots and become a homebody. leave sailing behind me. But never quit adventuring. I work as a freight mechanic now, and enjoy the family life that I have been given. It brings me a peace that traveling never did, and never could.

I have always been writing. Since I was a kid. As a hobby, for fun, and sometimes entering competitions. But it never fruitioned into anything. I never thought of myself as being good enough to publish. 

Until one day I met an amazing woman who pushed me and supported me and put up with me enough to convince me to try. To really give it an effort. And so, Father Jericho was born. And she continues to support and love me, and eagerly awaits my next writings and loves to hear about what is happening on my pages. Or with this interview.

My hobbies these days are varied. I still love to go backpacking, spending days in the wilderness with my gear and survival skills. I play hockey as well. Recently as a defenseman, but am trying to improve my skills to play goalie. One day at a time. I enjoy gardening, it relaxes and calms me. I spend every moment I can with my two children and with Miss Amanda, the light of my darkness. 

The Price of Silver
The Price of Silver author R.P. Gosswiller

Purchasing The Price of Silver

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More from R.P. Gosswiller 

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Author Interview

I had the chance to interview R.P. Gosswiller about his book and ask a few questions. 

Father Jericho has a family. A wife and kids. How can he do that while being a priest?

His family issues are touched on in more detail as more books come out. But basically, he felt that being a priest on the wild frontier gave him some freedom. New rules for a new land. He took a wife and had a daughter, despite being a priest. 

Does that have anything to do with why his family was murdered and his church burned down?

You’ll have to read the next few installments to find out more about the murders that took place, I’m afraid…

Are any of the characters inspired by real people?

No, not really. Maybe bits and pieces of people I’ve met throughout my life. But no real basis on actual humans.

Do you go into detail in future books about his family or his past? 

As each book comes out, more and more information will be revealed about his past and family. It’s an interesting tale, and it is what drives him to be what he is.

How many books will there be in the Father Jericho series?

I plan on eight books total. Each of the seven deadly sins, plus the finale book… Quite the climactic end, as well….

Do he and Alyssa ever meet up again? Was this encounter the beginning of something bigger between them?

Alyssa was a fun character to write, and she has a lot of growing to do still. She may pop back up in future installments, but for Father Jericho there is no love life. He is consumed by his hunt.

Insert grumpy sigh here. The hopeless romantic in me wanted to see some sort of happily ever after between these two. It seemed like they were developing some sort of connection. 

I’ve had a few questions about that romance. but Jericho is consumed, and as the books go along, he’ll become even more intense and driven. He doesn’t get happiness in his life. 

The town doctor, Seneca Jones is certainly an interesting character and brings up a lot of questions. Do we get to see more of him in future books?

Seneca Jones is one of my all time favorite characters to write, and you will see why. He makes an appearance in every book, although I will never fully go into detail about his story. He is interpretive.

What inspired the series?

I love westerns and wanted to write a western styled post-apocalyptic book, but decided to just make it a western all around. Jericho is the mold of the darkest parts of who I am, and of what humanity is capable of.

The back of your book talks about you by saying, “He has been writing his entire life, but just recently began to sell his work to a broader audience, and he plans on writing until the day the coroner pronounced him dead…” Do you have other topics or genres you enjoy writing about?

I enjoy fantasy and science fiction. Also, I have written mystery short stories. Right now I am working on a sci-fi military novel. A small break before re-entering the world of Father Jericho.

What kind of books do you read? Do you have a favorite author?

I love pretty much everything. Two of my favorite authors are Robert Jordan and his wheel of time series, as well as the poetry of Robert Service. Anything I can get my hands on I read, and my son has taken up after me in that fashion. 

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The Price of Silver
The Price of Silver


  • Trish

    A thorough and detailed review, giving a good impression of the book without revealing spoilers. An added bonus to have the interview with the author!

    • The Prepping Wife

      Thanks, Trish! I am currently working on a review of the second book in the series, and it just gets better. I can’t wait for all of them to be out and published.

    • The Prepping Wife

      This book is one of those that definitely leaves you with a lot of questions. I’m like you, it’s either really fun, or I get super impatient to know more. In this case, I wanted to know more. I wanted to know absolutely everything. Lol. In talking with the author, I found out a bit more, but I still have to wait for the rest of the books to learn everything I wanted to know.

    • The Prepping Wife

      He is a character, for sure! I really enjoyed sharing the pictures of him in this post, because they show just what a character he is.

    • The Prepping Wife

      You will be hooked! I am currently working on a review of his second book that I just finished, and I am beyond excited about it. I am really enjoying this series, and getting impatient for more books in the series to be published.

  • Lindsay

    great review, and I love the author interview! This looks like a really interesting read, although not something I’d typically pick up, you’ve really sold me on the story!

    • The Prepping Wife

      It isn’t my normal book selection either, and I think that’s what makes it so great. Stepping outside the box to read something different and loving it. I’ve been on a mission to do that for myself, and really challenge myself to trying new things.

  • Kristen Frolich

    This sounds really interesting! It’s really cool that you got an interview with the author! I love to read so I’ll definitely have to look into reading this one!

  • Georgia

    Sounds really interesting, especially reading through Gosswiller’s interview answers. I think I’ll add this to my reading list for my next holiday.

  • Kelly Martin

    Ooh this sounds like an interesting story. It’s not the type of book I’d usually read but I like the sound of it. Great review.

  • Stephanie S

    Your reviews are always great! Even though this is not a book I’d normally read, I really enjoyed reading this review. The story sounds very interesting, and I am sure there are many others who would love to dive into this book. My husband loves books that have many different plots. I’ll definitely let him know about this.

  • Britt K

    This sounds like such a fun read! I haven’t had the chance to enjoy something set in the old west for a while, but I have really enjoyed that genre in the past. I really enjoyed reading a bit about the characters – it has definitely caught my attention. The transition from priest to bounty hunter sounds like a really interesting charI’ve been reading a lot more lately (a personal goal of mine to prioritize it more), so I’m always on the search for new books to check out!

  • Kat

    This sounds like a fascinating read with some very vivid and interesting characters. It would be great to hear an update on whether you were able to read more books of the series, and what you thought of them.

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