Heart Beats Your Name
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Heart Beats Your Name

Heart Beats Your Name 

Heart Beats Your Name: Vows From The Beyond from author Ann Marie Ruby is my latest read. This is the fourth book in the Kasteel Vrederic series. 

“This is your destiny. Do not fear your destiny as you too are a son of this blessed family. Remember if you try to avoid this destiny in fear then you will not know what love is. For it is sometimes getting acquainted with death that teaches you the meaning of life and true love.” 

Ann Marie Ruby, Heart Beats Your Name

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Have you read Heart Beats Your Name? Come on in and let me tell you about it! 

Heart Beats Your Name
Heart Beats Your Name

About Heart Beats Your Name 

​​A twenty-first century blind son of the famous Kasteel Vrederic finds his twin flame floating away from him toward the Grim Reaper in a gondola. How does he defy life and death and prevent her from leaving Earth? He takes his only clues, the sound of heartbeats and his birth given sixth sense, to solve the gruesome murder that she was a victim of. 

In Heart Beats Your Name: Vows From The Beyond, you will get introduced to a blind son of the Kasteel Vrederic family, Antonius van Phillip, the nephew and adopted son of Erasmus van Phillip and Anadhi Newhouse van Phillip. 

In this paranormal thriller, you will see how Dr. Jacobus Vrederic van Phillip, the biological son of Erasmus and Anadhi, guides his brother to unite with his pronounced dead wife, while trying to solve her murder mystery. A paranormal book where everyone realizes family members are bound with one another throughout time. 

While one is sleepless, the other twin flame is sleeping eternally. Now how does Antonius van Phillip awaken his twin flame Katelijne Snaaijer from beyond Earth, and solve a murder mystery, she is a only witness to yet also a victim of? 

Find out how the musical sound of heartbeats guide him to his sleeping beloved while he solves the mystery sleepless in a heartwarming and infinite romance novel where through the guided heartbeats, love is defined as eternal, like the name says, Heart Beats Your Name: Vows from The Beyond.

Thoughts on Heart Beats Your Name 

Ann Marie Ruby is a frequently talked about author here in my blog, and for good reason. One of my personal goals is to read and review all of her writing. She writes some great stuff. Great stuff doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about her writing though. 

It is special, because there’s no one else like her. Her style is unique, and it touches your heart after reading her writing. She puts her heart and soul into everything she writes, and it shows every single time. 

Much like when I read Catalyst, I felt drawn into the story, and it made me examine myself, my life, my marriage, and my relationships. Every time I read something from Ann Marie, I feel like I walk away a slightly different and hopefully better person, because her writing touches me. 


Moon with her enchanting laugh

Shines upon the Earth for only us. 

Everyone on Earth is asleep. 

Nightingales are out singing 

Sweet fragrant, romantic tunes. 

The fervent wind too calmed down

As he too waits for her

His darling pouring rain 

To come and play with him. 

Within the embrace of a lover, 

Sleeps his cherished. 

In the heavens above, sleep the stars

As they blink with drowsy eyes. 

The moon glows as she dozes

Within the embrace of the night skies. 

Tonight my pouring eyes see everything. 

Tonight i realized the difference between day and night, 

For tonight, I, a blind man, have sight. 

Yet I watch the beautiful moon sleeping

Within the comfort of the heavenly skies.

Dear moon, 

Tonight with this blessed sight,

I know you are the glowing hope

For all the lonely hearts. 

So tonight, even though you are glowing

Ever so bright, 

Pouring tears and the gripping pain

Of sadness force my eyes to be tonight, 


Ann Marie Ruby, Heart Beats Your Name

Heart Beats Your Name is a bit different from the previous three books in the Kasteel Vrederic series. This one is a murder mystery and set in Tennessee. Yet it still fits into the series and makes sense. 

Heart Beats Your Name
Heart Beats Your Name

Final Thoughts on Heart Beats Your Name 

I have been a fan of Ann Marie Ruby since the first day I read Spiritual Songs II, and that is one I’ve returned to many times over the last three years. I truly feel like each and every one of her books is better than the last, and Heart Beats Your Name is certainly no exception to that. 

Every time I feel like I’ve read the best book in the Kasteel Vrederic series, Ann Marie comes back and blows my expectations out of the water with the next one. 


Have you read Heart Beats Your Name or any other writing from author Ann Marie Ruby? Are you a fan? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

About the Author 

Ann Marie Ruby is an international number-one bestselling author of eighteen books. Alongside being a full time author, she is also a blogger. 

Ann Marie is an American who was born into a diplomatic family traveling the globe and grew up in Brisbane, Australia as her father was a student at The University of Queensland. 

She lived in the Washington DC area, but later settled in Seattle, Washington where she currently resides. In her spare time, when not writing books, she loves to meditate, pray, listen to music, cook, and write blogs.

Her books have also placed on top 100 bestselling charts in various countries including the Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany.

She revealed why many of her books revolve around the Netherlands, sharing that as a dream psychic, she had seen the historical past of the country in her dreams and was later able to place a name to the country. 

This is described in detail in Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby and The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams where she also wrote about her plans to eventually move to the Netherlands. Her Kasteel Vrederic book series is also based in the Netherlands.

Ann Marie is acclaimed globally as one of the top voices in the spiritual space, however, she is recognized for her writing abilities published across many genres namely spirituality, lifestyle, inspirational quotations, poetry, fiction, romance, history, travel, social awareness, and more. Her writing style is hailed by critics and readers alike as making readers feel as though they have made a friend.

Purchasing Heart Beats Your Name 

If you are interested in buying the paperback version of Heart Beats Your Name, click here.

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Heart Beats Your Name
Heart Beats Your Name


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