Lemonade and Love Potions
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Lemonade and Love Potions

Lemonade and Love Potions 

Lemonade and Love Potions from author Bella Falls is my latest short story to be read and checked off the list! Red Velvet and Reindeer is the second book in this two part series.

If you’re anything like me, then the to be read list is an always-growing list that never seems to end. I always wish I could read faster so I could read more and feel like I made more progress on checking books off the list. Anybody else feel that way? 

I’m always excited to check a book or story off my list, and today it was Lemonade and Love Potions. 

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Have you read Lemonade and Love Potions? Come on in and let me tell you about it! 

About Lemonade and Love Potions 

Magic and mystery are only part of the Southern Charms of Honeysuckle Hollow…

Charli Goodwin can’t help herself when it comes to helping out her friends, especially a failed cupid trying to earn his way back into the matchmaking ranks. A singles mingle in her small Southern supernatural town should be the perfect event, but trouble with a capital T shows up when someone attempts to boost the odds of love in their favor.

Sweet honeysuckle iced tea, it’s gonna take more than lemonade and a little magic to help Charli find out what’s wrong, solve the mystery, and save Honeysuckle Hollow from disaster again. 

Thoughts on Lemonade and Love Potions 

Lemonade and Love Potions was a cute short story that kept me entertained for thirty minutes of my day. I am always a fan of fun short stories, and this was a good one. 

I had never heard of author Bella Falls before, but she took me to Honeysuckle Hollow to meet all kinds of interesting creatures, and to laugh at some of her funny phrases. “Pixy poop” is my favorite saying from this short story. 

It is labeled as a mystery and a thriller or suspense short story. Neither of which I would agree with. It was just a cute and funny story to occupy my time for thirty minutes, with no real plot or suspense happening. 

I found Lemonade and Love Potions to be more about the characters than anything, and their development. Which works in a short story just fine. I wanted a good laugh, and I could see certain characters reminding me of people I know. 

Final Thoughts on Lemonade and Love Potions 

Lemonade and Love Potions was the first writing from author Bella Falls that I have read. I haven’t decided yet if I plan to read any of her longer novels yet or not. But I am glad that I took the time to read Lemonade and Love Potions. 

If you are looking for something simple that you will not become emotionally invested in while reading, this is the perfect short story for you! I enjoy when a story is really simple and a light read, especially after reading about a heavier subject. This is the kind of short story you want to read after that, because it will keep you inspired to not give up on or take a break from reading. 


Have you read Lemonade and Love Potions or any other writing from author Bella Falls? Are you a fan of short stories? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

About the Author 

Lemonade and Love Potions
Lemonade and Love Potions author Bella Falls

Bella Falls grew up on the magic of sweet tea, barbecue, and hot and humid Southern days. She met her husband at college over an argument about how to properly pronounce the word pecan (for the record, it should be pea-cawn, and they taste amazing in a pie). 

Although she’s had the privilege of living all over the States and the world, her heart still beats to the rhythm of the cicadas on a hot summer’s evening.

Now, she’s taken her love of the South and woven it into a world where magic and mystery aren’t the only Charms. 

Lemonade and Love Potions
Lemonade and Love Potions author Bella Falls

Purchasing Lemonade and Love Potions

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Lemonade and Love Potions
Lemonade and Love Potions

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