One Year Gone

One Year Gone

One Year Gone 

One Year Gone is the latest novel to be checked off my to be read list. Which seems to constantly grow faster than I can keep up with. Anyone else feel that way? 

I must admit that I am glad I started taking an avid interest in reading again though. It was a hobby that I ignored for far too long. This is especially true given how much I enjoy reading novels like One Year Gone, among many others. 

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Have you read One Year Gone from author Avery Bishop? Come on in and let me tell you about it! 

One Year Gone
Carl the Sloth reading One Year Gone with me

About One Year Gone 

Sometimes teenagers run away…Give her a few days. She’ll be back.”

That’s what the police tell Jessica Moore when her seventeen-year-old daughter, Wyn, vanishes. All signs point to this being true. But days become weeks. Weeks become months. And Jessica begins to fear the terrible truth—that she may never see her daughter again.

Then, one year later, when all hope seems lost, Jessica gets a flurry of text messages from Wyn that freeze her blood: Mom. Please help. I think he’s going to kill me. But Wyn’s terrified plea comes with a warning not to call the police. Her kidnapper wears a badge.

As Jessica’s fears are raised again, so are the stakes. Delving into the months leading up to Wyn’s disappearance, Jessica stumbles upon information that could put her own life in danger. With each revelation, the nightmare deepens. Now she must decide just how far she’ll go to bring her daughter home.

One Year Gone
One Year Gone

Thoughts on One Year Gone 

I’m an avid true crime fan, so when I read what One Year Gone was about, it made sense. How many times has a teenager ran away, only to come waltzing back a few days later? Or how many times have the police treated a missing teen as just a runaway and missed out on valuable time after it happened? I’ve watched plenty of shows about both happening. This isn’t a true crime story, but a work of fiction. But the premise of it drew me in completely. 

Those thoughts are what lured me into this story, and wanting to know what happened. It took me a little bit to really get into One Year Gone, but once I did, I was hooked and read it in just a day. 

My biggest complaint is the timelines and characters. When I read Everything We Didn’t Say, I loved the back and forth timeline between the past and present, leading up to right now. But with One Year Gone, the timelines felt disorganized. Instead of going back and forth, Avery Bishop bounced around in every possible direction with the timelines, making it seem hard to follow. Organization would have gone a long way with this and helping things make more sense as it progressed. 

Characters… there were just too many of them. For as much as I enjoyed the story, and the twists and turns it took, it felt almost impossible to keep up with the characters just based on the sheer number of them. 

Those are my two major complaints with One Year Gone, but it is still an excellent novel and I am glad it made it onto my reading list. 

The twists and turns in this novel kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting to see where it was going. There were a few that I was not expecting, and I appreciate that within any novel. It isn’t just about the ending, it’s the journey to getting there that kept me reading. 

Final Thoughts on One Year Gone 

One Year Gone takes a bit to really get into, but once I did, I am very glad I kept reading! Be patient with trying to understand the timelines and multiple characters. If you can do that, this is a book that will hold your interest! 

The ending is interesting and a bit busy. Slow down and be patient as you read the ending, because there is a lot to follow along with, but it is worth the effort. Despite needing a bit more timeline organization, One Year Gone is still a great story and definitely worth a read. 

One Year Gone
One Year Gone


Have you read One Year Gone or any other writing from author Avery Bishop? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

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About the Author 

​​Avery Bishop is the pseudonym for a USA Today bestselling author of over a dozen novels.

The author description would be my only other complaint. Because it feels like they are hiding behind the novels they wrote. I always want to know more about the person who writes a story I enjoy reading. When the description is only one sentence, I am missing that connection or interest in reading their own writing. 

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One Year Gone
One Year Gone

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