The Psychic's Memoirs
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The Psychic’s Memoirs

The Psychic’s Memoirs 

The Psychic’s Memoirs is the latest novel to be checked off my to be read list. I’ve read almost everything Ryan Hyatt has written, and I’m always excited to pick up another one of his books. Because I never know what to expect. 

As I said, I have read almost everything that Ryan Hyatt has written so far, and it has been a goal this year to read everything from several authors, including him. Have you found an author you enjoy reading and want to read everything they’ve written? Who are they? I want to know! 

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“Paranormal Plantation is the perfect playground for me, he thinks to himself with a grin. With the help of a few Liberators, I could fend off anything from this perch. My enemies within the government would have a horrible time forcing me to abdicate this remote fortress. If I could groom these kids to be the super soldiers of my own private army, I could stoke the flames of an American civil war and rise to victory in the aftermath. With these gifted brats at my side, I might even triumph over the markazi. I would be credited as savior of the world! That honor would include a few magnificent orgies, I hope…” 

Ryan Hyatt, The Psychic’s Memoirs

Have you read The Psychic’s Memoirs yet? Come on in and let me tell you about it! 

The Psychic's Memoirs
The Psychic’s Memoirs

About The Psychic’s Memoirs 

A hot-tempered Los Angeles detective and his distracted partner are assigned to find an alleged teenage psychic whose capture might determine the outcome of a looming civil war and humanity’s relationship with a misleading alien force. 

The Psychic's Memoirs
The Psychic’s Memoirs

Thoughts on The Psychic’s Memoirs 

Let it never be said that Ryan Hyatt gives too much away in the descriptions of his books. This means that I really never know what to expect. I kind of admire that. With many authors I’ve read multiple books from, I generally have a good idea of what I’m getting myself into. That is never the case with Ryan Hyatt’s books. 

“We’re living under Martial Law, supposedly to maintain order in a time of duress, but what if an artificial intelligence is not actually coordinating the mechas? What if they are being controlled in part by something more sinister than the federal government – aliens, perhaps – like the triclops, or some other extraterrestrial creature? After all, the Liberators look out of this world. What if aliens had come to our planet to help us develop those machines of mass destruction that will help us wage war against ourselves, while they wait for their opportunity to conquer Earth? Today Uncle Sam is the victor; tomorrow, who knows?” 

Ryan Hyatt, The Psychic’s Memoirs

The Psychic’s Memoirs is the second book in a three part series, with two more in progress. But they can easily be read as standalone novels, and you do not need to read them in order. Which is a big criteria for me. I think every novel should be able to be read as a standalone, even if it is the second or the forty seventh in a series. 

This one took me a little bit to get into, and was a bit slow going at first. I wasn’t expecting to like it, to be perfectly honest. My biggest hurdle when reading Ryan Hyatt’s books is that I already have a set list of favorites, and so it can be hard to exceed the expectations or standards I have set in my head for what is great and what isn’t. 

“Small world, isn’t it? I’ll deal with you, ‘King of the Streets,’ and your bag of multiverse bullshit after I nab that three-eyed terrorist.” 

Ryan Hyatt, The Psychic’s Memoirs

Despite not liking the first half of the book, it really picked up and started to make more sense as I went along. I had a lot of questions. California, and specifically Los Angeles, have been destroyed by an earthquake, and they are trying to rebuild while learning to live with a new normal. We meet two police officers looking for a psychic teenager. Why? Like, in the grand scheme of things, why is this one kid important? Can she really save the world? I had to read more to find out. 

The Psychic’s Memoirs took me on an interesting journey. It has funky twists and turns, where I wonder what Ryan Hyatt was thinking, or if there was a glitch in my Kindle and I’m no longer reading the same book. Yet it always comes together at the end, and it all makes sense. I’ve never figured out how he does this. His stories always start out normal, even funny, take a hard left turn into straight up weird, and come back around full circle, to make perfect sense. 

My mind certainly doesn’t work this way, but the journey is always fun for me when I read a Ryan Hyatt book. 

The Psychic's Memoirs
Carl the Sloth reading The Psychic’s Memoirs with me

Final Thoughts on The Psychic’s Memoirs 

One of the things I respect so much about Ryan Hyatt’s books is that he got me to enjoy science fiction novels. Sci-fi and fantasy have never been my preferred genres. My husband enjoys them, and I usually leave those to him. The reason I enjoy science fiction from Ryan Hyatt is that they aren’t too long, it is just far enough into the future, or into left field, that I can see it actually happening. It isn’t a totally made up idea, it is often a very real possibility. 

I’m calling The Psychic’s Memoirs a four star read. I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to, and that is a pleasant surprise. In this series and in comparison to Ryan’s other books I’ve read, this one was middle of the road. 

In this specific series, I much preferred Rise of the Liberators, but I haven’t read Stay Younger Longer yet. In general, Bob’s Pest Control and The Death of Rock and Roll are my favorites. Given I’ve read so many stories from Ryan Hyatt, it is hard to rate The Psychic’s Memoirs any more than four stars, as I always compare to other stories and how it stacks up to those. I am looking forward to reading Stay Younger Longer to see what I think about that. This is a good series you’ll also likely enjoy. 

If this is your first Ryan Hyatt novel, be patient with it. It really is a journey. Keep an open mind along the way. 


Have you read The Psychic’s Memoirs or any other writing from author Ryan Hyatt? Are you a fan? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

About the Author 

The Psychic's Memoirs
The Psychic’s Memoirs author Ryan Hyatt

Ryan Hyatt attributes his passion for writing to an adventurous upbringing and active imagination. He was born in Tucson in 1976. Ryan and his two younger sisters spent childhood living in communities throughout Arizona and California. 

He returned to his hometown to earn a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona in 1999. Working as an editor for a defunct horse trade magazine, and then as an auto liability investigator, Ryan sold his car to move to Barcelona, Spain in October 2002, fed up with corporate life. 

His experiences culminated in “Friends of the Night,” an unpublished memoir written at age 25. Failing to find a job in Spain, he returned to the United States four months later destitute and despondent because his foreign conquest didn’t last. 

Ryan spent the remainder of his twenties moving back and forth between Phoenix and Los Angeles working as a journalist. It was in the throes of his love/hate relationship with conservatism and liberalism, the United States and Europe, Arizona and California, music and monotony, his friends and himself, that Ryan wrote his debut novel. This second edition was reprinted in 2016.

Ryan Hyatt tells stories about your future. He is a former news reporter, columnist, and author of the Terrafide sci-fi series. He edits the satirical sci-fi news site, The La-La Lander, as well as Not Your Father’s Bedtime Stories, kids lit he creates with his daughter, author Sage Hyatt. Find him at the beach and his stories across the internet. 

Ryan holds a master’s degree in education from California State University Northridge and develops and manages literacy programs for Los Angeles schools. 

The Psychic's Memoirs
Ryan Hyatt, author of The Psychic’s Memoirs

Purchasing The Psychic’s Memoirs 

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The Psychic's Memoirs
The Psychic’s Memoirs

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