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Psycho Therapy

Psycho Therapy 

Psycho Therapy from author Ryan Hyatt is my latest short story to be checked off the to be read list. 

“By the time McCabe arrived, the battle was already lost. Stepping out of the Jeep, he was utterly overwhelmed, traumatized to the point of paralysis as his fellow Marines were chewed up by the hellish force.” 

Ryan Hyatt, Psycho Therapy

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Have you read Psycho Therapy from author Ryan Hyatt? Come on in and let me tell you about it! 

About Psycho Therapy 

Tucson Police Officer James McCabe, traumatized by his past, must come to terms with an alien invasion. 

Thoughts on Psycho Therapy 

I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting into when I picked up Psycho Therapy from author Ryan Hyatt. The description doesn’t exactly give anything away, that’s for sure. 

“Thompson and McCabe watch three huge, canine-like creatures crack open the dead man’s chest with their claws. They slurp up his guts. The alpha tears off the head with a snapping bite, swallowing it whole, and gazes at the officers with a cluster of reddish eyes. One of its pupils lingers on McCabe.” 

Ryan Hyatt, Psycho Therapy

But it is a short story, so I liked that I wasn’t investing much time into something I wasn’t sure about. The big thing that drew me to Ryan’s short story was that I had read The Last Shimmer from his daughter, Sage Hyatt and really enjoyed it. 

This is a short story, at a whopping 18 pages, so it only took a few minutes before bedtime to read, and that’s exactly what I love about short stories. It reminded me of His Neighbor’s Wife in the fact Hyatt talks about an alternative form of capital punishment within the justice system that exists today. 

I’m not going to spoil the entire story for you, as you’ll want to take the time to read it for yourself, but the end wasn’t what I was expecting. 

Final Thoughts on Psycho Therapy 

“Mysteries surrounding the aliens, especially regarding their survivability and stealth, pointed to an intelligence McCabe recognized from his first encounter with the species, that monster with the fiery glare that emerged from the ocean and wreaked havoc on his life.” 

Ryan Hyatt, Psycho Therapy

I haven’t decided if I liked Psycho Therapy or not, as it was really graphic and horrific. But I do appreciate the fact it makes the reader start thinking, just like His Neighbor’s Wife did. 

What would the world look like with such a different form of justice? Would that cut down on crime and make our communities safer? Or is it just an excuse for more bloodshed? Those are the kind of questions Psycho Therapy made me consider. 

Despite not being sure how I feel about this short story, there is no denying that Ryan Hyatt has a serious talent for short stories, and creating memorable characters and events in just a few pages. That isn’t a talent every author has, and I always appreciate it when I find it. 


Have you read Psycho Therapy from author Ryan Hyatt? Are you a fan of short stories? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

About the Author 

Psycho Therapy
Psycho Therapy author Ryan Hyatt

Ryan Hyatt tells stories about your future. He is a former news reporter, columnist, and author of the Terrafide sci-fi series. He edits the satirical sci-fi news site, The La-La Lander, as well as Not Your Father’s Bedtime Stories, kids lit he creates with his daughter, author Sage Hyatt. Find him at the beach and his stories across the internet. 

Psycho Therapy
Psycho Therapy author Ryan Hyatt

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Psycho Therapy
Psycho Therapy


  • Ryan Hyatt

    This story is violent, and as you indicate, intended to make readers think about the world it reflects. Thank you for giving it a chance, and I love the fact you did so because you read Sage’s “The Last Shimmer!”

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