Lethal Voyage
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Lethal Voyage

Lethal Voyage  

Lethal Voyage from author Kevin G. Chapman is my latest read. This is book three of a five part Mike Stoneman series, and it has had me hooked from the very beginning. 

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About Lethal Voyage 

A dead body can ruin a vacation. . . .It was a suicide, wasn’t it? . . .

Maybe the on-board production of Chicago isn’t the only place people are getting murdered!

NYPD homicide detective Mike Stoneman and medical examiner Michelle McNeill just want a relaxing cruise. But, Michelle is convinced that there is foul play at work in the death of a Broadway talent agent’s wife.

The ship’s head of security wants to keep it quiet. But, how many bodies can he cover up during one sailing? When it looks like Michelle might be the next victim, Mike needs to find the killer and keep Michelle alive for the end of this Lethal Voyage.

Thoughts on Lethal Voyage 

After the events of Righteous Assassin and Deadly Enterprise, Detective Mike Stoneman needs a vacation. A week-long cruise to Bermuda seems like just the ticket for Stoneman to get away from it all. But with a detective like Stoneman, there’s never an escape from his job.

I have to commend the author here. With most serialized police dramas, it’s easy for the stories to become formulaic and stale. That’s not the case here.

Each of the Stoneman books I’ve read have been unique, never repeating the same kind of mystery, but always utilizing solid detective work so that the protagonists discover the killer at the same time the reader does.

Setting the story on a cruise ship also puts Stoneman on his own, without any backup besides his partner Jason Dickson, and their dates Michelle and Rachel. They all want to discover who the killer is, but they are stonewalled by the ship’s security who want to sweep it all under the rug and maintain a pleasant voyage.

It’s frustrating for both Stoneman and the reader, knowing that if the security team would just get out of the way, the killer can be caught before any more bodies turn up. Even though an old friend of Stoneman’s is the head of ship security, there’s too much red tape in the way for Stoneman to have the freedom he needs.

It’s not all bloodshed and mayhem, though. After all, this story is set on a cruise ship. Much of the book is spent following Stoneman and his friends as they enjoy the various amenities on the ship and on their island destination. After all, even a grizzled police veteran like Mike Stoneman deserves to have some fun once in a while.

There’s poker tournaments, cabaret shows, shopping excursions, snorkeling, jet ski rides, and more alcohol and buffets than you can count. You almost forget you’re reading a murder mystery novel every time the narrative shifts towards one of those adventures.

Lethal Voyage continues this series’ tradition of gritty realism, and remains exciting through the entirety of the cruise.

Final Thoughts on Lethal Voyage 

This new entry in the Mike Stoneman series is just as thrilling as the previous two, and doesn’t resort to cheap tricks or repeating the same plot twists like other police dramas tend to do. It’s a wonderful read for anyone who enjoys a compelling murder mystery.


Have you read any of the Mike Stoneman series from author Kevin G. Chapman? Are you a fan? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

About the Author 

Lethal Voyage
Lethal Voyage author Kevin G. Chapman

Kevin G. Chapman is, by day, a buttoned-down corporate labor & employment lawyer who works for a major US media company. He frequently speaks at Continuing Legal Education seminars, has taught legal writing to law students, and is the past chairperson of the Labor & Employment division of the global Association of Corporate Counsel. 

When the work day is done, however, Kevin lives a much more exciting fictional life of crime and romance as the author of the award-winning Mike Stoneman Thriller series (and other novels, short stories, and screenplays).

When not busy writing, he enjoys playing tournament poker and cheering on his beloved New York Mets. Kevin loves talking fiction with readers, or talking about law, politics, or baseball.

Lethal Voyage
Lethal Voyage author Kevin G. Chapman

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Lethal Voyage
Lethal Voyage

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